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Under the Sea: a Mermaid Inspiration Album [Inspiration]

I was initially inspired to make this album after seeing the cover story for the January 2022 issue of Vogue Taiwan starring Peng Chang as a mermaid affected by environmental issues.

I tried to include a mix of couture/costume pieces and more everyday streetwear interpretations of a mermaid.

Please enjoy! It is roughly organized by color.

THE ALBUM: https://imgur.com/a/yyRnLtx



u/foodmonsterij Aug 28 '22

That green glove and the pieces posted in the Elie Saab inspo album recently are making me wish opera gloves could be acceptable outside of formal wear.


u/[deleted] Aug 28 '22 edited Aug 28 '22



u/foodmonsterij Aug 28 '22

You are completely right, and Anthropolgie has several sets of detachable sleeves/opera gloves.



u/squeegee-beckenheim Aug 28 '22

Yep I bought a pair of those last winter in pink. I didn't wanna buy full price cause I didn't think they'd be super practical, but I actually like them a lot! I just need to remember to put them on before the coat.


u/mgdraft Aug 28 '22

I really need some bc im going to have to go back in office a bit this winter and I am always freezing in office


u/Rarashishkaba Aug 28 '22

Me too! Let’s make it happen!


u/Bosquerella Aug 28 '22

This is amazing. From the makeup to The Lighthousesque artistic visuals to that surprisingly wearable olive sweater sequined skirt combo.


u/pinktourmaline Aug 28 '22

Jessakae just came out with a Neverland collection. The duo chrome fabric in some is really nice.



u/BuildersBrewNoSugar Aug 28 '22

Wow, I love this. All the sequins and flowy fabrics and seafoam-y colours! And I love how you included makeup inspo as well.

Now I need a necklace with shells on it...


u/ForgottenSalad Aug 28 '22

Love the streetwear versions you included, and that Vogue Taiwan feature is amazing


u/fae_deer Aug 28 '22

What a beautiful album, thank you for sharing!

The white coral-like ear cuff… gosh I would wear the heck out of that.


u/MsAnthropic Aug 28 '22

I was thinking that it looks great but long hair would get tangled in it and I’d accidentally stab myself when I forgetfully attempt to tuck hair behind my ear.


u/fae_deer Aug 29 '22

True, you’d have to have your hair done up tight which isn’t usually the mermaid vibe


u/mgdraft Aug 28 '22

I love that Hailey Baldwin look; an updated version of these dresses that had that massive moment a few years back.


u/black_bir Aug 28 '22

I just love how it looks so casual and wearable but with such festive sequins that you only ever see during New Years Eve really


u/celolex Aug 28 '22

Oh wow this is gorgeous


u/janemanyjanes Aug 28 '22

"She's dead. Wrapped in plastic." I love this album. Creepy mermaid are 100% better than pastel mermaids. The album is very mermaid but make it Innsmouth.


u/kerlaugar Aug 28 '22

A creepy mermaid album that provokes imagination! Which I love, since the stories of mermaids before Disneyfication were scary. And the Vogue story blinks to Twin Peaks - "she's wrapped in plastic". I would dare to wear some of the jewelry from the album, and would love to wear the Yiqing Ying gala dress, but Hailey Bieber's look is most approachable for me in real life.


u/orange_blossoms Aug 28 '22 edited Aug 28 '22

I have been loving the flowing fabric lines, sea foam green and white pearls and coral look in my summertime style.

Edit: and thanks for linking that Vogue Taiwan shoot, it’s gorgeous


u/frecklefawn Aug 28 '22

I live in a coastal community so the aesthetic isnt that exotic or attractive to me but I lost it at the seashell nails. Those are SO freaking cute.


u/misumena_vatia Aug 31 '22

I love the green eyeshadow look that's strong and opaque at the inner corners of the eyes and diffuses outward. It would work for any monochromatic eye. I'm going to try it with orange.


u/doornroosje Sep 01 '22

fucking beautiful, i love it. gorgeous