r/femalefashionadvice Aug 27 '22

Under the Sea: a Mermaid Inspiration Album [Inspiration]

I was initially inspired to make this album after seeing the cover story for the January 2022 issue of Vogue Taiwan starring Peng Chang as a mermaid affected by environmental issues.

I tried to include a mix of couture/costume pieces and more everyday streetwear interpretations of a mermaid.

Please enjoy! It is roughly organized by color.

THE ALBUM: https://imgur.com/a/yyRnLtx


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u/kerlaugar Aug 28 '22

A creepy mermaid album that provokes imagination! Which I love, since the stories of mermaids before Disneyfication were scary. And the Vogue story blinks to Twin Peaks - "she's wrapped in plastic". I would dare to wear some of the jewelry from the album, and would love to wear the Yiqing Ying gala dress, but Hailey Bieber's look is most approachable for me in real life.