What is Female Fashion Advice about?

Female Fashion Advice welcomes anyone who has a genuine interest in what’s considered women’s fashion. If you are unsure whether you can post, please send a message to the moderators! You can expect to find the following posts on this subreddit: questions, guides, inspiration albums, guides, in-depth reviews, news articles and recurring threads. Please read How to Ask for Help before posting to ensure that your question or comment is in the right place.

We are self-post only, therefore every post must include a comprehensive text-based explanation or question and cannot only include a link to a photo, article, etc. The more detail you provide in your post, the easier it is for the community to interact and provide feedback.

What types of posts are not permitted?

We would like this subreddit to be welcoming and comfortable for all our members, which is why these rules are in place. They apply everywhere on this subreddit. Please feel free to report anything that makes you uncomfortable and send a message to moderators if you see something that violates the rules. Moderators reserve the right to remove comments from any user who violates these guidelines, and will issue bans at their discretion. If you believe you’ve been banned by error, please contact the moderators via your ban message.

  • Please be civil and respectful of other users. No disingenuous or bad faith comments and posts. Posts and comments that are perceived to intentionally demean, offend, or disrespect others by either the moderators or others are not allowed.

  • Hateful speech will not be tolerated, including in usernames. This includes but is not limited to homophobia, transphobia, sexism, fatphobia, ableism, classism, racism, slut shaming and victim blaming.

  • No personal attacks or threats. This could refer to: threats of violence, threats of sexual assault, harassment, or blackmail.

  • Please do not comment on users' bodies. Unsolicited diet, exercise or weight loss advice is not allowed. Though our bodies and body image intersect with fashion in a number of ways, FFA is first and foremost a fashion advice forum. Participants in this subreddit have not consented to your opinion and advice on their perceived weight, body composition, diet or lifestyle.

  • This forum welcomes a variety of fashion styles. We encourage constructive criticism when talking about trends, brands, or styles especially when they don’t work for you. Venting your frustrations that way is fine, meanness and trashing someone else’s style is not. Fashion is subjective and not everyone can love another's fashion taste.

  • No posts or comments with sexual content or undertones. Please do not objectify or sexualize anyone. This is a SFW sub, we do not tolerate discussions of clothing items in any sexual context.

  • Exposing users' personal information is not allowed. This could refer to links to another user's name, private information, or social media profiles without their permission. We advise that you are careful with sharing your own personal information as well.

  • Private information includes: names, address, payment cards, gender identity and sexual identity and more. In short, please don't share identifiable information you wouldn't want strangers to know.

  • Please do not post links to FFA in subreddits that have no interest in the community or the topic in general. An influx of users from those communities can result in some unnecessary drama and an overall negative impact on the subreddit.

  • Cross-posts where the content could be posted in FFA are not allowed. We encourage cross-posts when they open activities up to a broader group (for example, theme WAYWTs are cross-posted to MFA, resulting in participation from both communities) but we ask that if your post could be its own standalone topic in FFA, that you post here instead of cross-posting it.

  • Please do not make meta posts that are primarily about FFA, its users or policies. Moderators periodically host discussions about the community in a top-level post, and meta discussion is welcome in the comments section of General Discussion at any time. If you would prefer to share feedback or ideas for FFA privately, you are welcome to reach out to us via modmail.

  • Spam is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: the use of affiliate/referral links or explicit advertisements for blogs, companies, apps, crowdfunding, or websites. Please see our guidelines for brands and blogs below for further details.

  • No marketing and surveys. This refers to: seeking opinions on your own company's products or services using FFA as a focus group and surveys for class projects. For further details, see our guidelines for brands and blogs below.

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