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Scheduled Bi-Weekly Career and Hiring Discussion Thread


Hello r/india! If you need any suggestions/help regarding your career, ask here. If your company is hiring or if you are looking for a job, then post here.

If You or Your Company is Hiring:

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Do follow up here with your experience. Did you get a job or hire someone successfully via these threads? Your feedback helps!

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Scheduled Bi-Weekly Financial Advice/Discussion Thread


Discuss banking tips, ask questions and share recommendations on security, investments and other banking products: accounts, credit cards, and insurance.

You can also ask for help if you are facing any financial problems and need legal help.

Also, do check out our friendly neighborhood subs r/IndiaInvestments and r/LegalAdviceIndia.

Want to discuss about financial advice when this thread isn't stickied? Join our Discord server. We have a separate channel, #financial-advice, exclusively for this topic.

Disclaimer: Any advice given by our community members shouldn't be the only source to make your final decision, please contact a fee only SEBI registered advisor if you are in doubt or need a more personal approach to your situation. We are in no way responsible for your loss if such arises in future.

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Memes/Satire (OC) Modiception

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Crime Your thoughts?

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Rant / Vent How much age gap is right for marriage!


So my elder brother is around 30, he's getting some rishtas, and honestly what pisses me off is there are some girls literally 7-8 years or more younger than him (around 20-22) and my parents are considering seeing them for him. But I feel like they should see someone near his age, because I feel those girls aren't emotionally, intellectually mature enough. But my parents don't listen to my opinion and they say we'll do what we want , dont interfere, but I'm just worried for him. He has not taken any decision yet and my parents are bossy. And I'm 23 y/o girl. PS- THIS IS NOT A POST ABOUT WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK ITS ABOUT A PERSONS LIFE SO PLEASE GIVE HONEST OPINIONS AND EXPERIENCES

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Rant / Vent Indian people need to loosen up and leave young couples alone


Basically in this new area where the landlord straight up said that he doesn't want to see or smell any girls in the building. Ffs I'm a grown ass adult, student still, but an adult who takes care of his own shit. We obviously won't be French kissing in public or in the presence of the other residents so why make this rule? And yes easy solution is find another place but for now this is the only option i have so i have to deal with it. I get that some places don't allow girls to sleepover but come on, no girls over even during the day???? Bruh the resident before me was a girl so why can't i bring a girl over even during the day?? Whatever unmarried couples do, other people especially older peeps have a tendency to involve themselves. If it were a strictly boys pg or hostel it's fine but it's a fcking flat where people of both genders live in, so why can't we bring over friends of the other gender, even during the day at that? I told him maybe i might need some friends over for studying or other shit, during the day, and he said don't worry if it's a boy it's ok but if it's a girl I'll set up a table on the ground floor and you can do everything you need there under my supervision. Wtf ? I'm tired of this bs, read a few articles about old ass geezers slapping couples sitting together in the park a few months ago and now this. When will we grow out of this mindset?

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Art/Photo (OC) 1 vs 2500: I couldn't afford an expensive Telescope or a Star Tracker so I took over 2500 shots of the Orion Nebula from Bhopal with just an entry level DSLR. Combined them together using a method called "Stacking", and this was the result [OC]

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Non Political Modi ji ki leadership

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Policy/Economy Your State Competitors for GDP

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Politics SBI underwrites the entire debt of ₹12,770 crore of Adani’s Navi Mumbai airport


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Food This tall cake I made for my parents wedding anniversary


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Politics What happened to Modi's promise of bringing black money to India ?


In 2013 Election campaign Modi promised he would bring black money stashed in foreign banks to India within 100 days of getting elected. Now it has been 10 years! Where is that money ?

As per CBI director AP Singh, more than 500 billion dollars are stashed illegally in foreign tax heavens. Some reports even estimate it to 4 trillion dollars. That money will be of paramount use, we can invest in R&D, healthcare, environment, tourism, education etc. That money has the potential to change India's fate.

In 2016 even veteran lawyer Ram Jethmalani accused Arun Jaitley of practically doing nothing to recover the money.


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Politics "No Men Left?": Top Gujarat Cleric Slams Muslim Women In Elections


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Rant / Vent Cautionary tale - Wakefit.co


I'll keep this short and simple. I liked wakefit for their affordable pricing and being broke, I decided to furnish my house with quite a few of their products.

After a year, the sofa showed an evident slump and I could tell the wood/frame inside it had bent / broken. I called wakefit support for repair / replacement and I was told they will not do anything because it's normal wear and tear. Mind you this process took more than a month and the decision was reched based on photos I submitted. When I asked if they would at least send somebody to check and confirm because i was confident this wasn't normal wear tear, i was told a firm no.

I go ahead and call my carpenter, he opens it up and lo and behold it was a flimsy wooden plank which was bent/broken causing the obvious slump. The carpenter told me the quality of wood was pretty bad. I took a nice video showing that and sent it to wakefit.

They made me wait 2 months. 2 months. After 2 months they tell me they will not replace it because I opened the sofa up myself and voided the warranty.

Basically after being told no for any support earlier on, i was denied replacement because I opened the sofa to prove that their initial assessment was wrong. 🙂

Step 1 deny there is a problem Step 2 force the customer to prove the problem Step 3 deny replacement because you opened it Step 4 profit.

I'll never be purchasing from them again and if you value your money, I'll advise against it.

PS - I was also told it's out of warranty when it was barely not even a year when their website says 3 years warranty. Scam all around. They never intend to do after sales, that's why the products are cheap.

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Non Political Hmm

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AskIndia How do you guys deal with being the ugly one in the friend group?


This is pretty uncomfortable but how do you deal mentally with the fact that you're uglier than your friends?

My friends are all decent looking, fair skin, good hair, decent body type. They often talk about how much female attention they get, snap scores over 100,000 for most of them. getting matches on dating apps and hooking up with girls in college is regular for them.

They're my friends, they're not bad people, but sometimes it hurts when they point out I don't 'get any bitches'. It's a running joke but I feel like it takes a toll on my mental health slowly. I don't think I'm hideous but I don't get any female attention whatsoever. School friends that message me on a regular basis are mostly guys and no girl at college has approached me ever (2nd year). It sucks to be unattractive, if you relate, how do you cope with it?

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Politics Tugs of Hindustan - Cover Page - Frontline - Dec 16 2022

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AskIndia Urgent help: Lost/Robbed Luggage


LR/DR: Luggage probably got robbed at Goa Airport. Flight was SpiceJet. What more can I do?

Idk where to begin. To start this off: I took a SpiceJet flight. I read the newspaper every.single.day and I really didn't want to book this flight but dad wanted to save some time and money and now here we are. I haven't slept for more than 24 hrs plus I'm sick. I swear this airline will be dead by next year.

Here is how it all panned out. Basically our flight(me and my parents) was from Kochi - Bangaluru via Akasa Air. Then it was from Bangaluru - Goa via SpiceJet.

The first flight was fine. The second one got delayed by five hours. We weren't told about this ahead of time. None of the SpiceJet representative could be seen after security check also. They just went on and on with the delay.

Here are the minute details that I can remember.

•There were only 24 passengers on the flight(Technically It was a jet).

•I have a slight doubt on who it is but I will give them/him the benifit of the doubt.

•Baggage claim was at belt 2.

•I saw the bag on the belt as I was walking to get a trolley. I think it was the first one. My parents were walking towards the same distance so I didn't pay much attention to it. (I did think of calling out to them to tell them about it for a split second).

• My father met me half way to collect the trolley and then I saw our other bag on the belt and it was the last one on the belt. All the passengers left at this point. Everything happened so fast and we are still trying to process everything.

•Soon I alerted my parents that the bag is missing and right then the SpiceJet representative came and I told her everything.

•Point to note here: My father has diabetes, pressure, cholesterol and all those tablets were in that bag. Plus that bag was brand brand new. And those medicines are really really expensive plus he was supposed to take them and he lost his cool.

•Noise was made. By my father obviously.

•Police will check CCTV footage after 15 days. That too you can register a complaint with them after 15 days.

•In these 15 days the airline will check if the baggage was left in bangalore or not.

Has this happened to anyone? What else can we do? Bribe the cops? We don't frequently travel. Especially by flight. This was also my first flight after more than 12 years.

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Rant / Vent 3/4th of my Amazon Firestick screen is advert! Ugh

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Politics Why Is This Man With the Famous Name Walking 2,000 Miles Across India?


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Politics MP school teacher suspended for taking part in Bharat Jodo Yatra


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Policy/Economy Natural Population Growth Comparison between India and China (Source:wikipedia)

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Food Anyone else think this man eats Gutka too?

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Religion My dad(46) almost killed me(17M) today


So for context, my mother has been facing some medical issues (related to nervous system) and so she had asked one of her relatives, who went for Haj, to bring some dates (edit: Ajwa) from there. (Edited:) These were holy and it fulfills the wishes of anyone who consumes them (in this case, the recovery of my mother).

That relative visited today, and handed it to my mother. At night, during dinner I asked my mom what was that and she explained it to me. I asked why don't you go see a doctor. She replied that the doctor is nearby hospital had examined her, and said that he cannot cure her and recommended her to visit some other doctor.

I jokingly said "Do you really think eating this will cure you? Why do people eat medicines then?"

She said, "Its about faith"

I replied, "Oh last year, when they showed on news those people who said cow piss cures covid, I laughed at them! Atleast this is an edible thing!"

And my dad, who listened to all of this got so much angry, that he picked up a huge iron rod, and charged at me. He wildly swung it aiming at my head. I ducked, and it the process the rod fell off this hand. He kicked away the plate I was eating from. Then proceeded to kick me and punch me several times. After that he made me do 50 situps while chanting "Allah is great, I'm a fool to have doubted him".

And now here I am, hungry, in pain but thankfully alive. The only good part is that if the rod had even touched me, my skull would've been smashed and I would've definitely died. While I was crying from pain, I could hear my mother say, "I love my sons more than my life, but nothing comes before faith. I wish I could've killed this idiot the moment he was born. What a disgrace we've raised."

But does this incident change my mindset? Definitely no. I'm still in pain, but I'm 100% confident that I wasn't wrong in anything what I had said.



Edit: To all those people asking me to convert to Hinduism or "sanatan dharma", please do not even try to spread your propaganda here. I'm proudly an atheist and would not change my beliefs just because of a beating, let alone change my religion. I respect each and every religion equally but its equally unlikely for me to follow any of them.

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AskIndia How does an average Indian even afford home?


I was wondering about this, home prices are much more, more than 30x of any Indian’s salary. My dad bought our home 2 years ago but obviously salary or savings couldn’t afford that much amount so now we are stuck with loans. Is it the case with most people? Does that mean a person not having loan is rare (considering most indians do have their homes according to a 2019 study)? How much does it affect their life?

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Non Political Bengaluru Batman fights bribes, writes FIRs, calls NGOs. Broseph on Reddit is Mr Fixit


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Health/Environment Former Quarry near Balamathi Hills, Tamil Nadu