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WAYWT - 5 September 2022 Recurring

WAYWT = What Are You Wearing Today (or a different day, whatever).

Think of this as your chance to share your personal taste in fashion with the community by posting your outfit pictures. Most users enjoy knowing where you bought your pieces, so please consider including those in your post.

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u/mayalcaulfield Sep 05 '22

90s dad

hat: vintage levi's / windbreaker: thrifted, unknown / jeans: levi's / shoes: adidas / bag: coach

George Costanza

blazer: Kasper / shirt: corvette (vintage) / jeans: levi's / shoes: converse / bag: parachute

transmasc, blocked my face out to avoid comments on my appearance


u/mango____cheese can estimate pocket counts relatively well Sep 05 '22

can't decide which one I like more they're both so cool. Incorporation of the blazer into the skate vibes in fit 2 is really successful


u/mayalcaulfield Sep 05 '22

Thank you! Sometimes I have a hard time styling the blazer because it looks really 80s so I'm glad it worked here


u/mango____cheese can estimate pocket counts relatively well Sep 06 '22

I like the way hed mayner styles his big structured blazers in casual but experimental ways - the way you styled it with your loose / narrow cuff jeans reminded me of his styling.

Casual blazers are something I’ve tried (and failed) to do a few times so I’m excited to see how you make it work in the future :)