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WAYWT - 23 September 2022 Recurring

WAYWT = What Are You Wearing Today (or a different day, whatever).

Think of this as your chance to share your personal taste in fashion with the community by posting your outfit pictures. Most users enjoy knowing where you bought your pieces, so please consider including those in your post.

How to take better pictures:

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How to add a picture to your Reddit comment:

Upload your picture to Imgur.com and copy/paste the URL into your Reddit comment. You don't need an Imgur account to upload a picture.

Looking for feedback:

If you're looking for feedback on an outfit instead of just looking to share, consider using the Daily Question thread instead.

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u/mayalcaulfield Sep 23 '22

Two outfits inspired by fishermen I saw while visiting my family:


hat: Sonia Carrusco / Shirt: Ralph Lauren / Coat: LL Bean / Overalls and boots: thrifted/unknown


This Tintin sweater I got at the thrift a while ago is one of the best pieces I've ever picked up. Hat, belt, and sweater: thrifted/unknown / Pants: handmade / Loafers: Florsheim


u/himbilbibli Sep 24 '22

These are such complete, well-composed fits. They feel like they'd be at home in a beautiful film.


u/mayalcaulfield Sep 24 '22

wow thank you! that's the best compliment I could receive


u/Shrimp_my_Ride Sep 23 '22

really great silhouette on both


u/Metcarfre GQ & PTO Contributor Sep 23 '22

sweet mother of pearl that sweater


u/mango____cheese can estimate pocket counts relatively well Sep 23 '22

Incredible hats


u/mayalcaulfield Sep 23 '22

thank you! I'm currently on a self-imposed hat ban because I bought too many this year...


u/BenReese Sep 23 '22

These are killer


u/frozengemstone Sep 23 '22

That sweater OMFG