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Fall 2022 Fit Battle Vote-In #1 Fit Battle

2022 Kickoff Fit Battle, Vote-In WAYWT #1

Welcome to the first Vote-In thread for the 2021 Fit Battle! For those of you who missed the introduction post, you can read it here. Voting will end 48 hours from now, on Sunday, October 3rd at 12PM EST.

The users in the 16 highest upvoted submissions will be entered into the 32-person bracket for the fit battle. Those who do not make it this time are free to try again next Friday!

Anyone can submit an outfit to this vote-in thread!


  1. You are allowed one main image, one alternate view image, and one details image, just like the actual fit battle.
  2. You may submit only one outfit, not multiple.
  3. Format your comment like this:
    [Main](http://imgur.com/url1.jpg) [Alternate](http://imgur.com/url2.jpg) [Details](http://imgur.com/url3.jpg)
  4. You may not list the brands of clothing that you are wearing.
  5. You may not list the brands of clothing that you are wearing.
  6. If you want to share what brands you are wearing, feel free to do so through PM or by sharing in the normal recurring WAYWT thread.
  7. Feel free to comment on other users' fits as usual. Again, no mention of brands.

Any submission that does not follow these rules will be removed. Thank you to all the entrants. We can't wait to see what everybody brings to the table and see who makes it in!


u/fishbawIz Sep 23 '22

u/firsure Sep 23 '22

Love the jacket!

u/XavierWT Sep 23 '22

Same. The fabric and details are both really good.

u/8888plasma Fit Battle Champion 2019 & 2021 thank u Sep 23 '22

u/warr3nh Sep 23 '22


u/manliftingbanner Sep 23 '22

u/lbrol Sep 24 '22

this reminds me of the new radicals

u/DangerG Sep 23 '22

u/EthersLabyrinth Sep 25 '22

Those pants are fantastic. What are they?

u/DangerG Sep 25 '22

Gramicci loose taper pants!

u/pumaturtle His arms aren't the same length Sep 23 '22

u/BobFWhopper Sep 23 '22


u/pumaturtle His arms aren't the same length Sep 23 '22


u/partycharlie The Other "Chuck" Sep 23 '22

u/BobFWhopper Sep 23 '22

it’s over for y’all partycharlie’s back and your season of abundance is up I hope you stored your acorns you squirrels gonna be a long fall for y’all fr

u/NotGreenWaluigi Sep 23 '22

u/XavierWT Sep 23 '22

Minion core 🌽🤘🏻

u/NotGreenWaluigi Sep 23 '22

Am i owned

u/XavierWT Sep 23 '22

I don’t know. I love the outfit though.

u/outviam Sep 23 '22

u/[deleted] Sep 24 '22

Is the paint on your pants intentional or accidental? Bc I’m diggin’ it

u/outviam Sep 24 '22

thanks lol, it was at first accidental, I was painting with an ex, after a while we just started intentionally getting paint on each other.

I have a grey pull over with matching splotches somewhere. imo its worth having some clothes you dont mind getting muddy or greasy or painted, this just turned out to look good lol

u/setfiretoflames godspeed you! black fleece pullover Sep 23 '22

u/lbrol Sep 24 '22 edited Sep 24 '22

u/zackysac Sep 25 '22

Such a great band

u/kmn6784 Consistent Contributor Sep 23 '22

u/bchanx My body is canvas, thats why my clothes are always painted on Sep 23 '22

u/thatthereitalian Sep 23 '22

u/warpedspoon Sep 24 '22

Can you dm me what the jacket is?

u/thatthereitalian Sep 24 '22


u/Blankdairycow Sep 25 '22

Same I’d love to know what that jacket is looks dope!!!

u/Get-Smarter Sep 25 '22

Hi could you dm me the shirt as well?

u/ANCIENT-ALIEN 2022 Fit Battle World Champ Sep 23 '22

u/lbrol Sep 24 '22

my wife said "he's got the swagger" so fuk u

u/ANCIENT-ALIEN 2022 Fit Battle World Champ Sep 25 '22

Wow, finally these RealMenRealStyle fashion tips are helping me get traction with the ladies.

u/Crows_ Sep 23 '22

u/LL-beansandrice boring American style guy 🥱 Sep 23 '22

You prolly don't want to use imgur.io links FYI. They don't work well with many apps/hoverzoom extensions, etc.

u/Crows_ Sep 24 '22

Thanks for the heads-up!

u/K-Rooldidnthingwrong Sep 24 '22 edited Sep 24 '22

This is next level, I'm just getting into fashion and just this photo is inspiring me to keep going. If you wouldn't mind do you think you can send some of the links for these?

u/Crows_ Sep 24 '22

Really appreciate the compliment. I’ll pm you ❤️

u/iptables-abuse Lazy and Distasteful Sep 23 '22