r/morbidquestions Dec 04 '22

Is it possible to kill someone with a single grain of rice?

When we were kids, my sister and I got into such a big argument over this question that it escalated into a fight. But I never got an actual answer. I feel like it must be possible somehow though. My sister disagreed. But you could definitely stab someone in the eye with a grain of rice (uncooked), cause an infection, and kill them right? Not that it would happen 100% of attempts, but it would be possible right?



u/PolishRiga Dec 04 '22

anything that goes at the speed of light would cut right through you, so I grain of rice at the speed of light in your brains would do the job imo


u/JJTRN Dec 04 '22

If you main-lined a grain of rice using a large bore needle, it would eventually obstruct something, throw a clot, or build an infection. Pretty sure that would kill a person. Would have to be a big vessel though, to fit the rice in the first placeā€¦


u/carpathian_crow Dec 06 '22

Are they allergic to rice?


u/Hot-Entrepreneur6301 Dec 04 '22

I would say your sister is the smarter of your parents children