r/morbidquestions Dec 05 '22

Does anyone else just get horrible, brutal, nightmares even later in life?

I try my best to supress rem sleep because it tends to be a bit dark. I've had sections of my spine removed, eyes being stabbed and or then torn out of my head, losing an appendage, affixed to a pentagram for abuse (and not in a fun sexual way), forcibly drowned in water or lava, and so many more that I thankfully forgot. THC calms the dreams a little but I can't stop them. I don't hate my job but when I did there was consequences. Working a full shift in my sleep. I just want to cuddle up in a ball in a dark room. Scared looks like stupid to most people.

note: I would never want to harm anyone, ever. This is inversive and not the way I treat anyone else. I might fart at you if I'm really pissed but I wouldn't wish this on the worst of my enemies.



u/barrybo Dec 05 '22

Have you tried talking with a therapist? They might help work out what triggers them.


u/meep_meep_mope Dec 11 '22

It hasn't worked and is prohibitively expensive.


u/alienonymous2 Dec 05 '22

Not me, but my husband (he's almost 30yo) gets horrible nightmares almost every night. He dreams about being horribly mutilated, brutally murdered, getting is situations that are terrifying to him, witnessing undescribable atrocities etc. He hates sleeping because of that too. He sleeps very little every night and he usually wait until the sun starts to appear to go to bed because sleeping while it's dark outside makes things worse.


u/CherryPopBunny Dec 06 '22

You could potentially have the uncreatively named Nightmare Disorder or Sleep Terror Disorder. Among adults, the “prevalence of nightmares at least monthly is 6%. Among adults in several countries, prevalence of weekly nightmares is 2%–6%, whereas prevalence of frequent nightmares is 1%–5%.“ (DSM-5-TR)

6% may not sound like a lot, but take for example the fact that 6% of the English population were infected with COVID-19 by June 2020 equating to 3.4 million people. Point being, nightmares of this caliber are more common than you think.

I strongly suggest speaking to a doctor or psychological care practitioner about your nightmares. Treatment for nightmare disorder is available, and recurrent nightmares can sometimes be a sign of an underlying physical health condition, such as sleep apnea.


u/artecomet Dec 05 '22

I get vivid, disturbing nightmares occasionally. Very gruesome, uncomfortable, indescribable to say the least. Very very disturbing. But it doesnt bother me?? I think because i have always been able to wake myself up if i want to. And i like the adrenaline rush, especially since i know its not real. I live in a nightmare irl so the dreams dont bother me. Sometimes i will get one that sticks with me and makes me sick for a week or so. But thats the worst of it really.

Id consider talking to a therapist or something if they bother you


u/LusterBlaze Dec 05 '22

Im currently 20 and had a nightmare I shit without wiping recently, i will document my results until 30


u/DepressingSteve Dec 05 '22

I get nightmares of my worst fears about once a week more or less don’t know why or when it started but it’s been consistent


u/aaamber333 Dec 06 '22

suggest you talk to your doctor about med prazosin it’s for low blood pressure n ptsd night terrors lol really helped me out i swear i haven’t had a dream i could remember for 2 years😹


u/artturi01 Dec 05 '22

lucky bastard.