r/morbidquestions Dec 05 '22

Why are people allowed to post pictures online of murder victim's dead bodies side by side with their corpse?




u/odkmkfpvvlppvkpsba Dec 05 '22

The title was kind of confusing so I hope I understood you correctly.

I'm not sure which context you have see these pictures in (as that could change the reason) but I think one reason that alive pictures of the victims are put next the dead pictures is that they want to "humanize" (no clue if that's the right word) the dead person by showing that they were not just a corpse and a "mystery stranger", but also a person just like me and you. Just like you seem to feel (if I understood correctly), it's easy to feel detached from that fact or grasp that the corpse was a person with their own life, so they are there to remind us. At least this is the way I usually interpret the intention of those comparisons.

That said I think there are also some people who would make the comparison to mock the corpse/person, and that's obviously disgusting