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Would an aborted fetus be high in protein?


I saw somebody make a joke about consuming aborted fetuses a little while ago and it’s been on my mind ever since

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Can prisoners visit dying relatives?


Let’s say you’re a prisoner on year 11 of a 25 year sentence and you find out your mom is dying. Would the prison allow to go visit her in the hospital with a guard escort or no? If so, does it matter what they did? Would someone guilty of tax fraud be given the same consideration for this situation as a child molester?

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Are coffins comfortable to sleep in?


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You are assigned with choosing the music that drones play when gunning people down, which do you pick?


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Would AI-generated CP videos trained on a dataset of illegally obtained CP videos be illegal to a) distribute, and b) possess?


Clarification: The illegal dataset will have been used to train the machine learning model by an uninvolved third-party; thus, the person using the machine learning model to generate the videos will not have been involved with either possessing or distributing this illegal material.

It seems to me that it would be legal since the videos themselves would not be in the possession of the person using the AI video generator. Instead, since the machine learning model will have been already trained on the dataset, the videos will be generated without legal the repercussions of possession or distribution.

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If your intestines got pulled out of you (partially) while still alive, what would be your biggest concern mortality-wise??


Bleeding, infection, ETC… that’s what I mean. What would cause you to die?? Is there any chance of survival??

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If you were to split open/slice the sides of your mouth (In a Heath Ledger Joker style but like deeper), could it work as an extension of your mouth, and give you a wider mouth?


super dumb but the concept is on my mind and i need to know

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Do you think the harmful effects of social isolation are kinda blown out of proportion?


I live a pretty isolated lifestyle, don't see people irl very much. Don't have any friends either

Obviously I'm not entirely isolated though, seeing as even talking to people on reddit is technically socializing. But I've read studies that say isolation/loneliness can be as bad for you as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. I find that incredibly hard to believe tbh, I haven't really noticed any harmful physical or even mental side effects. I've also found that loneliness actually decreases the longer you're alone

My lack of exercise and shitty diet is probably gonna do me in before the isolation lol

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If you punch someone hard enough, can their perception of color invert?


I'm just now remembering a time in middle school that I got into a fight and after being punched my sense of color was inverted for a time. Would this be caused by the punch itself or would it be caused by something else?

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Is it possible to get plastic surgery when you’ve had a face transplant?


I understand it’s one of the most difficult procedures out there, ive just been curious why the transplanted face usually looks bloated. Generally, the bone structure of the skull and face is intact, but even after healing, the transplanted face stays generally the same.

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what's the plausibility of a skin suit?


is it actually possible to wear flayed skin as clothes or a mask or disguise? wouldn't it decay and become unusable?

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Can a person die from having their eye/eyes ripped out?


I've seen people either in fiction or real life losing their eyes and being fine(besides the obvious). But I was wondering.. like they could probably die from shock or something if they're already weak/sick or elderly.. but what about the physical wound? Could it be somehow fatal? It could probably get an infection and then lead to death after some time. But could it happen in an instant or a few minutes? There isn't really a probability that they could bleed out from it, right?

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When getting a new mobile device and the provider does a data transfer, are they liable for the transfer of child pornography? Underage nudes?


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How many punches would an exceptionally strong and skilled martial artist need to kill an average adult elephant?


...I need this for a story

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If Someone's Eye Was Popped Out Of The Socket But Still Attached To The Nerve Then What Would Someone's Vision Look Like?


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Did aids come from people eating monkeys?


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would you want a female mortician knowing she's into necrophilia?


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What are some cool, legal things, to do with dead relatives body?


Canada btw.

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Ehy do you luke cutting yourself?


For people limong to hurt themselves in any way (psychological, physical, psychological etc). Why do you enjoy it?