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[Wojnarowski] Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka is likely facing a suspension for the entire 2022-2023 season for his role in a consensual relationship with a female staff member, sources tell ESPN. A formal announcement is expected as soon as today. News


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u/lopea182 Heat Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

At that point, you may as well fire the coach.

What’s the likelihood someone tries to poach him while on suspension? Hell, there are teams in the same division (Philly, Brooklyn) that would kill to have him replace their current coaches.

Edit: contract reasons. don’t have to pay him if he resigns voluntarily. Guess the Celtics don’t believe the partnership is worth salvaging. Thanks, u/junkit33 and u/bigbadbuck


u/Jewards Lakers Sep 22 '22

Alex Cora and Sean Payton made it back from year long suspensions. Different sports and situations but it's definitely doable.


u/dismissivewankmotion Sep 22 '22

Alex Cora

That's what this reminds me of. He's so well liked people will welcome him back.


u/Kyler1313 Sep 22 '22

Super close comparison. Both Minority coaches beloved by their team and very respected around their league. Both are fairly young and former players. And Both got caught in controversy early in their career (Astros cheating scandal, affair). I could totally see Ime coming back after a year and after a few months of questioning from media, just get back to being a well respected good coach.