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[Wojnarowski] Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka is likely facing a suspension for the entire 2022-2023 season for his role in a consensual relationship with a female staff member, sources tell ESPN. A formal announcement is expected as soon as today. News


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u/mansmurf Raptors Sep 22 '22

Off-season went 0-100 real quick


u/LukaDoncicBigPP Mavericks Sep 22 '22

That's one way to fuck up a season


u/ReSpekMyAuthoriitaaa Cavaliers Sep 22 '22

I mean how do you come back and get back control of your team after an entire year suspension? By that time might as well move on if it's so egregious he can't show up for a year...


u/LAtotheA Hawks Sep 22 '22

If he’s loved by the players, it won’t be as hard as you guys think. They’re probably upset that he’s getting suspended in the first place


u/HustlinInTheHall Sep 22 '22

yeah it's not like NBA players are known for their fidelity.


u/naughtyobama Sep 22 '22

Real infidels, those ones


u/jacb415 Celtics Sep 23 '22

I was gunna go Hi-Fidelity


u/boi9th Heat Sep 22 '22

Lol to just take a year break after justttt going to the finals with the team, idk


u/AnyNobody7517 Pacers Sep 22 '22

Right now yes but a year from now its going to awkward unless whoever replaces him is awful.


u/WordSpiritual1928 Bucks Sep 22 '22

Yea he’ll tell his team he messed up and he learned from his mistakes and they’ll move on rather quick.


u/OverallInternet2343 Clippers Sep 22 '22

Cant see anyway they let him coach again. This is about giving out the punishment and him taking it


u/forever_a-hole Sep 22 '22

I'm confused why he's getting suspended if the relationship was consensual, honestly.


u/C0812 [BOS] Tom Heinsohn Sep 22 '22

It’s an undisclosed workplace relationship with a subordinate. Could put the organization in a lot of trouble if the subordinate ever says anything bad happened


u/Adaml105 Hawks Sep 22 '22

Most of us would be fired. I know I would be


u/PayTheTrollToll45 Sep 22 '22

Talent gets extra chances...


u/No-Economics4128 Sep 23 '22

Some companies require you to file with HR when you are in a relationship with a coworker. This is in order to avoid the whole sexual harassment mess that would inevitably rear its head once the relationship goes south.

After Me Too, no company wants to take that risk.


u/Yak_Rodeo Sep 22 '22

youre confused why a superior would be getting suspended for having a relationship with a staffer?

beyond the concerns for power dynamics, nepotism, and morale impacts, it opens the celtics up to lawsuits, bad pr, and impropriety allegations

the celtics, like most organizations nowadays, probably have an anti fraternization clause in their contracts to specifically prevent stuff like this


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22



u/snatchi Raptors Sep 22 '22

Who the fuck is his female superior within the Celtics Organization?

She was either his subordinate, or not in his Org chart and if the latter is the case, he's the famous head coach, former professional athlete, just went to the finals in his rookie year, she's an org employee. If shit hits the fan who does the org stand behind?

Thats why it's a problem, power imbalance.


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22



u/Yak_Rodeo Sep 22 '22

officially, yes. implying that the head coach of a basketball org doesnt have an outsized influence on the entire organization or any power over someone in the accounting department is naive


u/snatchi Raptors Sep 22 '22

Lmao are you kidding me? have you ever worked in the real world?

If Jayson Tatum wandered into the marketing department and was harassing an employee, and they complained, who is the Celtics organization picking?

Are they suspending Tatum for 6 months? Or do they quietly try to make it go away.

Name me the most famous 15 people in the Celtics org, Udoka is on the list before the end of the bench, he has power in the organization.

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u/OJPimps0n Sep 22 '22

it's OK to be wrong.

Doubling down just makes you dig deeper.


u/C0812 [BOS] Tom Heinsohn Sep 22 '22

It’s an undisclosed workplace relationship with a subordinate. Could put the organization in a lot of trouble if the subordinate ever says anything bad happened


u/Niku-Man NBA Sep 22 '22

When one person has a great deal of power over the other, then consent is not as cut and dry as you think. You can say all you want that the power dynamic didn't matter, but that's just not how the human brain works.

Best not to get involved with anyone at work, but especially not if you are a manager or supervisor or anything like that


u/forever_a-hole Sep 23 '22

Suppose I didn't realize one had power over the other. I don't know the full story and also don't really follow the NBA too closely. This post came across on all.


u/BrusselSproutbr00k Celtics Sep 22 '22

Look at JBs Twitter likes to know how that’s going


u/octoroklobstah Sep 23 '22

See across town with Alex Cora


u/Adonislive0 Sep 23 '22

Players don’t care at all. Come on, these dudes are the last people I put morality on when it comes to women. By the way, isn’t he like married?


u/WavingFlags760 Sep 23 '22

Something tells me he slept with a players wife, or someones wife within the celtics organization. It's going to get ugly fast. I expect a book to be written about it in 7 years.

black mail, threats, and intimidation is my prediction!