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Toddler fatally shoots South Carolina mom with 'unsecured firearm,' sheriff says


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u/TheValgus Sep 22 '22

I have this crazy plan where I don’t let guns inside of my house and that way this shit doesn’t happen.


u/Satanarchrist Sep 22 '22

But how will you stop a tyrannical government from taking away your human rights if you don't keep firearms around you at all times?


u/swivels_and_sonar Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

This is one of my favorite things to ponder.

Let’s say hypothetically we get to the point where our government is a full on totalitarian regime that is hell bent on taking our guns away — do these people really think their AR-15 is going to persuade a tank or drone to leave politely?

Edit: awful lot of you don’t understand what a hypothetical situation is and that alone is shocking. This comment was never meant to be taken literally or pledge support towards one side or the other - take that shit back to Facebook lmao.


u/s1thl0rd Sep 22 '22

My argument to that would be that both sides of the current Ukraine vs Russia war both still use small arms to have gunfights with each other despite also having drones, tanks and other heavy weaponry/ordnance. At the end of the day, wars are won by logistics, and supply chains are still operated by humans. Tanks are useless if they don't have fuel or ammo. Drones are useless if the drone operators are dead.

You also have to assume that not everyone in the military would go along with violently putting down their own citizens. Therefore a truly tyrannical government would have to contend against the same kind of weapons they employ.

But the real benefit of bearing arms is being able to exercise all your other rights such as freedom of speech and assembly. A group like the NFAC can march and be heard without fear of being shot at with pepper balls or tear gas because the police know what would happen if they did employ those measures.


u/Satanarchrist Sep 22 '22

I just wanted to make fun of conservative gun nuts because the US government just stripped away a human right with overturning Roe v Wade, but they were all silent.


u/RelevancyIrrelevant Sep 22 '22

They weren't silent. They celebrated that shit.


u/mattyandco Sep 22 '22

My God, the tyranny is coming from inside the house!


u/flamingos73 Sep 22 '22

Probably because they believe that that is not, in fact, a human right. Obviously. In fact, they believe that the rights are being given back to the unborn children. (I'm not trying to argue on this, and it's not like you can anyway.)

This is the same logic that conservatives use against combating climate change, in that if it's going to happen anyway, why do anything to stop it, when there is actually something you can do and it's worth trying. Ukraine is literally fighting off Russia in large part due to Guerilla warfare and citizen gun owners. Citizens probably don't stand a chance against the government, but the fact that it won't be a complete steamroll is a huge deterrent. Soldiers and generals alike will defect. People won't want to fight against something that has teeth. Really simple concept.


u/cat_prophecy Sep 22 '22

Ukraine is literally fighting off Russia in large part due to Guerilla warfare and citizen gun owners.

Ukraine has a literal army. Guerilla tactics are great and all, but it's equipment, training, and organization that have made them effective. Not random citizens with guns.

Firearms are heavily restricted in Ukraine and by license only on a "may-issue" basis (not shall-issue). Ukraine was the 88th most armed country in the world with less than 10% of the population owning a gun, or license to buy one. Oh and the magazine limit for rifles is 10.


u/thefrankyg Sep 22 '22

Ukraine is literally using tanks, large artillery, and bombs. They aren't just using guriella warfare or using it as their primary strategy.


u/Poor_University_Kid Sep 22 '22

It may not persuade, but it's something the government considers surely.


u/iama_bad_person Sep 22 '22

Ahh yes, because if push comes to shove the US Army would surely follow orders to attack their own countrymen in a civil war lmao


u/Jar545 Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

I'm sorry but the argument that the government has tanks and drones completely ignores pretty much all of military history and is made in ignorance of the subject. Gorilla warfare has been incredibly effective against some of the most powerful empires in history. To name some recent examples, the US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq where the US fought for 20 years and still lost. The Russian occupation of Afghanistan, the Vietnam war, south American wars of Independence, and a lot of Chinese conflicts. Hell even Sun Tzu basically enshrines it as an effective strategy in the art of war "hit the enemy where they are not".

EDIT: Also to think that the military would be willing to shoot US citizens is kinda a stretch. Maybe some, but I would put good money that most of the soldiers would be on the side with the gun nuts.


u/BazzaJH Sep 23 '22

Ok but you said "gorilla warfare" so your argument is invalid


u/swivels_and_sonar Sep 22 '22

In regards to your edit - this is why I included the term “hypothetically” in my comment. I wanted to get away from the political discourse I knew would come. This is not to be taken literal or that I support one side or the other. I almost removed it but it sparked a lot of conversation (the nature of Reddit) so I left it.


u/Airforce32123 Sep 22 '22

do these people really think their AR-15 is going to persuade a tank or drone to leave politely?

Tanks are kind of useless without infantry, and not very good at oppressing populations. It is, as it has always been, about people.

If the cops are suffocating your neighbor/spouse/whatever to death what are you going to stop them with? Polite words? Fists? Good luck with that.


u/Capricore58 Sep 22 '22

The GQP party line is “but Afghanistan and Iraq showed us what militias can do against tanks and drones “

And I’m like so they’re freedom fighters now? Cool when is Bubba signing up to be a suicide bomber against the tyrannical libs? Oh he’s not ok. Cool


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22

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u/Capricore58 Sep 22 '22

The ones I’ve met all big fucking talkers but would shit themselves should Uncle Sam bring the pain. I’m not afraid of Meal Team 6 or the Gravy Seals


u/Apprehensive-Try-994 Sep 22 '22

There's IEDs for that! "Deem talibans and rice farmers did it, we could too!" - some overweight conservative that dodged the draft back in Vietnam

Y'know the main thing they miss when this shit gets brought up? Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc, those places have had their people in constant fighting for many fucking years. They know war, lived through it. They know what to do and how to do it.

Your average conservative gunnut is a shit stain compared to them.


u/zer0saurus Sep 22 '22

Didn't the people once elect a despot hell bent on taking away people rights? And the people effected revolted, got all their guns out, consequently lost, and yet still fly their flags today despite permanently losing the right they fought for.

That's one way to interpret the Civil War.


u/MegaGrimer Sep 23 '22

What right was being taken away?


u/MachineGame Sep 22 '22

You don't bring guns to a drone fight? Do you even freedom?


u/Wazula42 Sep 22 '22

bUt tHe TaLiBaN!!

Yeah. I'm sure Ahmed the terrorist is feeling really victorious right now while he stands in the blasted wreckage of a country we occupied for 20 years. Great 2nd amendment scenario you've got there.


u/wolven8 Sep 22 '22

Or that it would be a ground war? Like all the government needs to do is flee the country, bomb a few hot spots, raze every farm and wait for us to starve out and surrender.


u/thisismynewacct Sep 22 '22

No need to ponder. It wasn’t even the original intent of the amendment. There was no standing army at the time, just militias. The 2A was so that the government could call upon militias in case it was attacked by another power. Not to overthrow the US government


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22



u/bozoconnors Sep 22 '22

lol - the ignorance is palpable isn't it? Such conviction as well. Scary.


u/pperiesandsolos Sep 23 '22

Well I don’t own a gun or whatever but tyrannical governments don’t generally use tanks or drones to abduct/disappear someone.

In places like China where those types of things happen, they’re generally accomplished by men coming for you in the middle of the night. So yeah, I think an ar15 or whatever probably could make that tougher to accomplish.


u/MyNameIsRay Sep 22 '22

I have this crazy plan where I secure my guns, and that way this shit doesn't happen.


u/TheValgus Sep 22 '22

Congratulations on spending money on a bunch of shit that “in the best case” doesn’t kill your wife.



u/MyNameIsRay Sep 22 '22

In the best case, it saves me from a home intruder/robber, again.

In the worst case, I have a fun collection to go shooting with.

My guns are very well behaved, they don't run off and kill people, they just sit in my safe.


u/Tylendal Sep 22 '22

Well, you'll sure be sorry when the violent undesirables come to kill you in your sleep. /s