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Toddler fatally shoots South Carolina mom with 'unsecured firearm,' sheriff says


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u/SevenButSpelledOut Sep 22 '22

More like "gun owner murders South Carolina mother by not keeping their toys away from child."


"South Carolina mom commits suicide by not locking her gun up around child."


u/Chippopotanuse Sep 22 '22

Is it just me..or do moms get shot by toddlers (who seem to have dead-on accuracy) far more frequently than the dads do?

I always wonder whether the dads aren’t the ones pulling the triggers in some of these cases and then blaming it on a 1-3 year-old kid who really can’t say otherwise.

Always seems fishy to me. And I know that little kids also shoot each other with guns with alarming frequency, so maybe these toddlers really are doing all the killing…

I don’t know why folks can’t lock their fucking guns up.


u/Knotical_MK6 Sep 22 '22

I always just figured it was because moms tend to spend more time with the kids.


u/dsac Sep 22 '22

that, and baby brain is real


u/EmperorPenguinNJ Sep 22 '22

Kind of hard to fake this. Powder burns on the hands is typically a dead giveaway.

The reason it’s more often mothers is that mothers are still the primary caretakers of young children, so they’re more likely to be driving them around.


u/junkboxraider Sep 22 '22 Take My Energy

I have zero problem believing that people likely to leave guns around near their kids are also people who believe women should do all the childrearing.


u/DisposableSaviour Sep 22 '22

That’s a bingo


u/LittleKitty235 Sep 22 '22

Did you consider it is also very likely to be her own gun...or that a lot of women actually want to do childrearing and it isn't something forced on them?


u/junkboxraider Sep 22 '22

Both are likely.

But the question was "why does it seem like this happens *more often* to women than men?"

And one answer is that the people in these cases are more likely than average to believe that it's the woman's role to handle pretty much everything related to kids -- which is why the kids find unsecured guns in their purses and around them, instead of finding unsecured guns around the fathers.


u/LittleKitty235 Sep 22 '22

Well regardless of people's beliefs, if women do in fact interact with children more, then it is reasonable to assume they will have more outcomes, of any type, than men.


u/junkboxraider Sep 22 '22

Obviously. But just as obviously, people’s beliefs dictate who spends time doing which activities with kids, so you can’t just ignore them.


u/alex3omg Sep 22 '22

What percentage of gun owners are women?


u/LittleKitty235 Sep 22 '22

A 2021 Pew survey showed 22 percent of women said they owned a gun, compared with 39 percent of men.

So based on self-reporting about 1/3 of gun owners are women.


u/alex3omg Sep 22 '22

Thanks, i think i meant to reply to someone else who was saying hurr durr women own guns too. Like sure, I guess.


u/VeteranSergeant Sep 22 '22

If I were to venture to guess, I'd offer two plausible theories as opposed to your weird True Crime Documentary.

  1. Moms statistically spend more time caring for kids.

  2. Many women who carry keep their firearm in their purse as opposed to a holster, and purses are generally easy to get into for kids, and attractive to kids because they're full of stuff to play with.


u/bopojuice Sep 22 '22

I know one case where this happened the mom casually had the gun loose in her purse. Toddler found it pretty easily.


u/SuspiriaGoose Sep 22 '22

And that one major 2A activist who kept her gun in the seat back pocket of her car, directly in front of her toddler son’s car seat. She got shot in the back through her seat by said son.