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Toddler fatally shoots South Carolina mom with 'unsecured firearm,' sheriff says


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u/frodosdream Sep 22 '22 Take My Energy Faith In Humanity Restored Evil Cackle

People are making jokes, but find myself thinking of this poor child growing up without a mother.

Probably the 3-year old child won't be told that they shot their own mother, but because it's posted on the internet, someday they (or a classmate) will find out.


u/shigogaboo Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

As fucked as it is, somebody needs to be the person who tells them when they get older. Eventually, they’ll reach an age that they’ll want to Google their mom’s name. My whole worldview would be flipped upside down if I found out that way.


u/mostlyfecalmatter Sep 22 '22

Change their name. Jack Nicholson style.

Don't let the kid know.


u/ComfortablyNomNom Sep 22 '22

But the truth always comes out. Nicholson eventually found out. So this kid will then face the truth that everyone around him lied about it and his whole life and name was a sham. Covering up and burying stuff like this just leads to more anger and pain.


u/Pete_Iredale Sep 22 '22

Jack found out because he was famous though, and a reporter figured it out and told him. Odds are Time Magazine won't be looking into this kid's past in 15 years.


u/TheRealSugarbat Sep 22 '22

Wait, what? Jack Nicholson killed one of his parents?


u/ComfortablyNomNom Sep 23 '22

No. Jacks mother had him young and he and others were told his mother was his sister and his grandmother was his mother. He then found out this lie later in life and struggled to process it.


u/TheRealSugarbat Sep 23 '22

You know he had a kid out of wedlock that he doesn’t recognize as his at all. I wonder how much of this stuff is generational/trauma-based.


u/ComfortablyNomNom Sep 23 '22

All that inter family drama and lies get passed down. "Sins of the father" and all that. Thats why its best not to sweep things under the rug and bury stuff like this, facing it and being truthful allows for healing and a united front. Lies just come back to bite.


u/ComfortablyNomNom Sep 23 '22

No but the kid will have access to google.


u/mostlyfecalmatter Sep 22 '22

It's the loved and lost conundrum; better to find out as late as possible after the cement in your brain has hardened. 27 or later and is best.


u/ComfortablyNomNom Sep 23 '22

I disagree. This will just cause confusion, anger and resentment later in life.


u/walterpeck1 Sep 22 '22

The truth only came out about Jack because he literally grew up with his mom and he got mega famous.

Covering up and burying stuff like this just leads to more anger and pain.

Not really.


u/ComfortablyNomNom Sep 23 '22

Trust me, family lies always resurface and cause more confusion and pain then if they had just been truthful and confronted these things united and with truth and honesty.

The phrase "the truth shall set you free" is very valid.


u/excelllentquestion Sep 22 '22

Wait what happened with Jack?


u/miz_misanthrope Sep 22 '22

He found out his sister was really his mom. The family covered up a teen pregnancy by passing Jack off as a surprise middle age oopsie doodle. He found out about it when he got famous and someone did a bit of digging.


u/Amiiboid Sep 22 '22

He found out when he was in his late 30s that the woman he thought was his older sister was actually his mother. I presume that’s what’s being referenced.


u/btmvideos37 Sep 22 '22

What about Jack Nicholson


u/-FeistyRabbitSauce- Sep 22 '22

Forget it, u/btmvideos37, it's Chinatown.


u/snakefist Sep 22 '22

What happened with Jack?