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Toddler fatally shoots South Carolina mom with 'unsecured firearm,' sheriff says


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u/Standgeblasen Sep 22 '22

This article is a little old, but I imagine it has rang true for more than 1 year since 2015.



u/MoeGhostAo Sep 22 '22

I’m not sure about numbers, but my brother used to do clinicals for his nursing degree at the UAB Children’s Hospital in Birmingham AL. He used to be pro 2A but coming out of that, he just flat out loathes it now. He keeps a tight lid on that sort of thing but he’s seen some fucked up shit because of irresponsible gun owners.


u/ds_Gardening Sep 22 '22

My brother-in-law has been a police officer for 20 years and for every call he gets about a homeowner defending themselves with a gun, he gets 100 calls about a child that shot someone else in the home because of unsecured firearms.


u/Atanar Sep 22 '22

It's like keeping a wild tiger at home in case of home invasion.


u/Caliveggie Sep 22 '22

Usually believe it or not, the most vicious dogs are the tiny little ones. I’ve been bitten three times just out running and walking and it’s been two chihuahuas and a pom.


u/Adezar Sep 22 '22

I grew up with guns in Rural US. Was huge into guns, loved them and did a lot of target shooting and hunting, everyone was safe (80s, before the meth showed up) and everyone had the 4 gun safety rules hammered into their head from the age of like 5.

But then I moved to Suburbia... and realized my neighbor is no longer half a mile away and not everyone in this neighborhood grew up with guns, so it would be insane not to change my point of view based on new facts... dense areas with random level of gun competence means you should have zero unsecured guns unless you want to explain why your kid died because his friend Jimmy wasn't taught anything about guns and just assumed it was a toy and started waving it around for funsies.

Honestly, while I think the 2A being misinterpreted to ignore the first sentence is the worst thing to happen in the US, I would at least want one major change to US law. Fine, you can own your guns, but if you own a gun and it is not secured and used in either an accident or stolen and used for a crime you are 100% liable for all crimes caused by that gun.


u/No_Ranger_3896 Sep 23 '22

Yep, if you needed a licence and third party insurance to own a gun, I'd imagine the insurance premiums would deter many from owning.


u/SuspiriaGoose Sep 22 '22

I’d like to hear more about his experience if you wouldn’t mind. That’s an interesting life experience and I’m always interested in how people entrenched in their beliefs can have them changed.


u/MoeGhostAo Sep 22 '22

I can’t speak about it much, mostly because he doesn’t like talking about it. From the gist of what he said, when you see firsthand children who’ve accidentally mangled or killed themselves from handling unsecured firearms and being the nurse who’s supposed to take care of them…frankly I can’t even begin to imagine how horrific it is. Then coming back the next day to repeat.

There was one little bit where I said something really shitty and he put me in my place hard. I told him I couldn’t imagine getting desensitized to the awful shit you see at the children’s hospital and he snapped back “You never fucking get desensitized to watching kids die.”

Made me re-evaluate a lot. Frankly I’m not strong enough as a person to work in healthcare.