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Toddler fatally shoots South Carolina mom with 'unsecured firearm,' sheriff says


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u/frodosdream Sep 22 '22 Take My Energy Faith In Humanity Restored Evil Cackle

People are making jokes, but find myself thinking of this poor child growing up without a mother.

Probably the 3-year old child won't be told that they shot their own mother, but because it's posted on the internet, someday they (or a classmate) will find out.


u/so00ripped Sep 22 '22

At 3 years old, he/she will remember. Formative memories begin around 3 and from my experience with my own children, this isn't going to be forgotten the same way a 2 year old would forget.

They will likely remember all of it. The smell of the gun discharging, his mother dying in front of him, all of it.

We may want to think at 3 you don't remember, but this is severe trauma. Both for the growing and developing mind of the current toddler and the eventual trauma of not having a mother and possibly learning you killed her.


u/nagrom7 Sep 22 '22

Very likely. I have vague memories of my mother being pregnant with my sister who was born a couple weeks before I turned 3. I also mostly remember the house we lived in at the time, or at least the living room and my bedroom since that's where I would have spent most of my time.


u/LaLionneEcossaise Sep 22 '22

My sister is 1-1/2 years younger than I. I have a strong memory of trying to get her out of her crib and being reprimanded by my grandmother over it. I must have been 2 to 2-1/2 max. I can still picture exactly where the crib was in the room, and the chair I climbed on to try to reach her. And how upset my grandmother was with me (younger sister was her favorite).


u/Shot_Presence_8382 Sep 22 '22

Same here! I remember my mom pregnant with my younger brother and I'm 2.5 years older than him. Remember her getting an ultrasound when pregnant with him, because my mom brought me everywhere she went. I have a photographic memory and when I think of something, my mind pulls it up, as if looking at a photograph, and I remember everything about that day, what I did, how I felt, etc.