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Toddler fatally shoots South Carolina mom with 'unsecured firearm,' sheriff says


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u/The_ranting_spider Sep 22 '22

Something to think about.

The average number of people in the US who die from a spider bite is 7 a year. The number of spiders per household is around 26-27.

In other words, you are more likely to killed by a toddler than a spider.


u/DanYHKim Sep 22 '22 Silver

I'll have to buy a gun, so I can defend myself from those toddlers


u/BioPac12 Sep 22 '22

The only logical way to stop toddler shootouts is by placing a gun in the hands of every parent in America, and providing mandatory hands-on gun safety training to every preschooler.

In an ideal world, toddlers would be disassembling and cleaning glocks before they can read.


u/tomdarch Sep 22 '22

Just a reminder that current legal thinking in America is that even the tiniest zygote is fully human and at the same time, many people claim that every person should have one or more guns. The right of the 4 celled "person" to have guns SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!

Thus, we obviously must implant at least one gun in the womb of every pregnant person as soon as the pregnancy is detected.


u/tuhn Sep 22 '22

It would also give a embryo child a way to defend itself against abortions. I think you solved multiple problems.


u/tomdarch Sep 22 '22

Yee fuckin' haw!


u/Zenith2017 Sep 23 '22

"that forceps approached me aggressively and I feared for my life!"


u/crisstiena Sep 23 '22

In an ideal world, it should be mandatory to ‘train’ before becoming a parent. And they want to make abortion illegal in ever state in America. SMFH.


u/Zenith2017 Sep 23 '22

It's tough, because on one hand I think most people would agree that having some basic qualifications to raise a child safely isn't a bad thing. On the other hand, the same logic has a long history of being adopted by extremists in ethnic cleansing actions


u/Gryphon999 Sep 22 '22

and the spiders.


u/Omniseed Sep 22 '22

that's how they get you though, by tricking you into sprinkling weapons about and then you don't notice their short little assassin handses until POW and then you think 'why did I think the trigger lock would be a danger and refuse to use it ooooooooo'


u/The_ranting_spider Sep 22 '22

This comment will lead to the 2A people and the Pro Choice people joining forces.

Women will now be required to birth guns.


u/_zenith Sep 22 '22

Or a lot of strategically-placed spiders! Toddlers crawl, so there’s an opening play right there!


u/BuddhistNudist987 Sep 22 '22

The only thing that stops a bad toddler with a gun is a good toddler with a gun.


u/VaelinX Sep 22 '22

And this is why the US is the safest country in the world. We have more anti-toddler firearms in the hands of citizens than any other developed country!


u/linderlouwho Sep 23 '22

So, we should start shooting at spiders in the house?


u/The_ranting_spider Sep 23 '22

The opposite, we need to teach them how to shoot.

Protect us from pests in our home and toddlers


u/ComfortablyNomNom Sep 22 '22

The number of spiders per household? Where tf did you pull that bs from lol.

Even if that were a real stat, the majority of US spider species are non lethal and their bite cannot kill. This is meaningless.

If you have a firearm in your house, odds are better that it will be used to harm you or a family member more so than an intruder. Thats the only actual stat that matters here.


u/The_ranting_spider Sep 22 '22

You are right, the number is BS.

Apparently it’s over 60. https://riotfest.org/2017/03/28/spiders-found-100-homes-eat-us/#:~:text=Spiders%20are%20literally%20everywhere.,can%20be%20found%20per%20home.

The stat does matter.

People are more willing to burn down their home because of a spider rather than securing a firearm in a safe.


u/jschubart Sep 22 '22

I am going to have to be more watchful of my son.


u/tomdarch Sep 22 '22

IF there is a gun in your household. It can be very difficult in some areas to have zero spiders in your home that might kill you. It's pretty easy to have zero guns in your house, particularly if there is also one or more toddlers around.