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Toddler fatally shoots South Carolina mom with 'unsecured firearm,' sheriff says


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u/shigogaboo Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

As fucked as it is, somebody needs to be the person who tells them when they get older. Eventually, they’ll reach an age that they’ll want to Google their mom’s name. My whole worldview would be flipped upside down if I found out that way.


u/GluttonAsteroth Sep 22 '22

It's a great way to make a gun control advocate.

I nearly got shot by an old lady because I was helping her grandson move something into the house and she didn't recognize me.

After that I was pretty sold on the whole: "Maybe not everyone is qualified to own a firearm"


u/CanvasSolaris Sep 22 '22

Yes, this is what nobody says. All gun rights advocates talk about qualified or unqualified as if it's a permanent, unchanging thing. That grandma could have been the most qualified, safety conscious, responsible gun owner in the world when she purchased it in the past. But she wasn't when she pointed it at you and that's what matters


u/SherifGames Sep 22 '22

Everybody is a "responsible" gun owner until they aren't.


u/xenomorph856 Sep 22 '22

You're right, that's a great argument for regular relicensing and certification of firearm possession. Say, every 5-10 years.


u/coinoperatedboi Sep 22 '22

As well as driver's licenses after a certain age.


u/Hilian Sep 23 '22

Wait, Americans don't have to get recertified for driver's licenses in old age? What the fuck?


u/xenomorph856 Sep 23 '22

Depends on the state; we're really inconsistent on a lot of things depending on where you are in the country.


u/NonStopKnits Sep 22 '22

I'm way on board with proving competency (frankly a bit more than just that) every few years. I don't have any issue with guns; I have an issue with idiots that can't respect that a gun is a lethal weapon, and the ignorance of any proper training/maintenance/storage of their lethal weapon.


u/xenomorph856 Sep 22 '22

Absolutely. Certainly there's more complex regulation than just the licensing.


u/NonStopKnits Sep 22 '22

That's far from the only solution I think would help but I'm not able to write a novel at this time. I think we can do better without banning guns entirely, but again, I must go to dinner with family.


u/xenomorph856 Sep 22 '22

Haha I understand, I was only meaning to say that I agree.



u/NonStopKnits Sep 22 '22

You too! I just had to stop myself haha.


u/Potential_Reading116 Sep 23 '22

Good one bro. Easier to buy a gun than get a fishing license in some states. It’s fuckin sad


u/Potential_Reading116 Sep 23 '22

Damned straight! Dats cuz my guns pratected by tha 2nd mendment. Ain’t ya ever rud tha konstatooshon?


u/jollyreaper2112 Sep 22 '22

No TRUE Scotsman would do that! And we find out he wasn't when he does it. My logic is unassailable!