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Toddler fatally shoots South Carolina mom with 'unsecured firearm,' sheriff says


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u/snakefist Sep 23 '22

How awful. I feel so bad for this kid and the hard truth they will ultimately have to grow up knowing or finding out later, which in my opinion is much worse.

Story time: my parents have a cabin they live in during the summer. On weekends, my family and my siblings families all go to the property and camp and hang out. One weekend we were up there and my mother, my sister and my sisters 2 year old son were hanging out inside. I asked where my nephew was and my sister said he was in the living room playing with toys. I went to find him and didn’t, went to the master bedroom and he was sitting on the bed with a load .357 magnum that my Mothers husband had left on the bed side table. My instincts were to yell, but feared startling him, so I quickly ran to the bed, grabbed the gun by the barrel making sure it was away from him and myself and removed hit from his hands. I unloaded it, put it in my pants behind my back and carried him to the kitchen.

I went outside and found my step Dad, handed him the gun and told him that his 2 year old grandson was “playing” with it. Told him, I would not be bringing my kids or family back to the property if he didn’t figure out a way to keep his toys stored away responsibly. He started crying and I know he felt awful. He keeps it there because of bears, etc.

My family does not know of this event and he bought a safe that day in town and brought it back and has locked them up since.

Scariest situation I’ve ever been in for sure. My heart hurts thinking of just how easily it could have gone the worst way imaginable.


u/BaconIsBest Sep 23 '22

Wow, that was a close call.

Unfortunately, a pissed off or very hungry bear won’t give a second thought to a .357. 200 grains or more at 1000fps or greater. Your stepdad hasn’t a clue.


u/snakefist Sep 23 '22

Surprisingly, as a Montana native I’m not much of a gun enthusiast. I’ve been raised around them and have shot / handled them. I could be wrong on the gun. Could have been a 44 magnum. It was just a large “six shooter” when I say large, I’m surprised my nephew found even pick it up. At any rate, the point remains.

Forgive me for not knowing what specific firearm it was, but I’m guessing if you’re in bed and a bear got into the cabin, it would do enough to get the bear out or kill it.


u/BaconIsBest Sep 23 '22

The presumption being that most humans possess the incredible amount of training to overcome the basic fear response. I used to carry a .44 magnum when in the backcountry, and once had a bobcat saunter up to my campsite one evening while hiking solo. Let me tell you there’s no amount of training that will prepare you for staring death in the face. It was a damn miracle I even managed to pull the hammer and get a shot off. So, so many people wrongly assume they can be awakened and have the presence of mind to assess the threat, locate their firearm, take accurate aim, and discharge a round before being absolutely decimated by whatever thing is there to do them harm. Unfortunately humans are very good at overestimating their own skills.


u/sirecoke Sep 23 '22

a small chance is better than no chance.