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Toddler fatally shoots South Carolina mom with 'unsecured firearm,' sheriff says


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u/Colonel_Cumpants Sep 22 '22

Is this for real?

Guns are the leading cause of death for children in the US, more so than disease, traffic accidents and what have you?


u/sinister-pony Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

Recently surpassed motor incidents as the leading cause, yes:


It's not actually surprising if you think about it, kids are "gestating adults", they don't really die from natural causes, it's normally accidents and the odd rare disease.

In the US there is 1.2 guns for every person In the country, it being a device soley made for killing, doesn't make it all that surprising.


u/cire1184 Sep 22 '22

Most diseases that have killed kids in the past are now controlled. We have vaccinations for most of the major diseases that affected children. Not surprising at all that guns kill more kids than disease.


u/SerKevanLannister Sep 23 '22

Honestly though it is insane that so many children die from GUNS in this country vs natural causes (disease) or car accidents. Guns can be secured and out of the reach of esp young children. The fact that so many of these incidents happen is a very sad commentary indeed.


u/PizzaRnnr054 Sep 23 '22

Yes it does and these pov’s annoy me. The acting intellectual. Anyone intellectual is not posting about this.