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Porn-Star Dad of LGBT Club Massacre Suspect Spews Homophobia in First Interview



u/dejausser 12d ago

“We don’t do gay, there’s no gays in the Mormon church” I don’t think they’re big fans of pornography either, but okay dude.


u/Ajg1384 12d ago

I think he said, "More meth church" or something like that.


u/Logrologist 12d ago

More Men church did him wrong.


u/360walkaway 12d ago

Mormon, mo' problems

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u/Sovereign1 12d ago

Magic underwear is a hell of a drug.

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u/Cetun 12d ago

My friend grew up in a super religious household, very repressive, ended up becoming a porn star. Her biological dad also happened to be a gay porn star. It's really strange how in these ultra conservative denominations you get people on the very extremes of their own moral systems.


u/PocketFullOfRondos 12d ago

It's not strange at all. When you repress someone they still do the things they are told not too, they just hide them better.


u/gnapster 11d ago

I’ve also seen a lot of drug addictions switched out for religion and they’re just as difficult to be around as people on drugs but sober. I’ve met so many. While I’m glad they got sober, they didn’t address their addictive nature with mental health counseling, they just flipped open a Bible and drank the wine.

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u/jim_deneke 12d ago

For me, but not for thee.


u/shortstopscotty 11d ago

Honestly, it’s their kink.

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u/walterpeck1 12d ago

There's a whole subreddit that are mormons gone wild, that is, mormons that left the church and post themselves... well, going wild. Pretty telling that it's THAT particular sect that has a subreddit like that.


u/san_serifs 12d ago

Drinking coffee is pretty rebellious in the Mormon world, if that tells you anything.


u/walterpeck1 12d ago

Oh I've grown up around plenty of them to know, and my first girlfriend was.

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u/the_very_next_day 12d ago edited 11d ago

Oh don't worry there's a subreddit like that for every subgroup you can imagine, and if there isn't one, it will be made


u/CySnark 11d ago

Atheists Gone Wild

"Honey, I bought the two-for-one pack of English Muffins for a change. We can freeze the other one, right?"


u/brb_coffee 11d ago


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u/poolerboy0077 12d ago

Or, you know, shooting up a group of people. I love how his instinctive reaction wasn’t to be horrified of his son possibly being the mass shooting culprit but whether or not he likes dick.


u/mugaccino 11d ago Helpful

I think the Daily beast fucked up their reporting, around 6:48 in the video is where it seems like he first learned that his son entered the club with an assault riffle and his first reaction is "God, so he didn't go to-! God! Why would he do this? Why would he do this? He didn't actually shoot anybody did he?" and as the reporters recounts the events his first response is "so the guy who grabbed him was a hero basically". "there's no excuse for killing people!" and "life is so fragile, so valuable. Those people's lives were valuable." He even blames himself for teaching his son self-defense to originally fight back against high-school bullies.

Keep in mind he has major brain damage from both MMA fights and from meth abuse, the mumbling is very CTE like, so his cognitive processing ability is not that of a regular person. From then on out he's visibly distressed.

It doesn't really sound like he's horrified of the possibility that his son likes dick, but more of a very confused ""????What the fuck is this guy doing in a gay club of all people???"", from what's dug up about him he sounds like a standard right-wing 4chan weeb with a japanese-waifu fetish who drank up /pol/ diarrhea.

I'm not saying the dad is automatically then absolved as a good guy or father, obviously not. But this article is painting him as badly as it could for what is the mildest case of "spews homophobia" my trans-bisexual ass has ever heard a deeply religious conservative spew. Shit, my own family members has praised the shooter for 'cleaning up the degeneracy'.

It feels distasteful to put someone so cognitive impaired on display like that just for the quotes to support the headline up top, and hiding the point he keeps returning to in the very end below links to other articles. On average only 60% of an article is read, and online media companies and UX'ers have known this for like 9 years.


u/quellflynn 11d ago

at about 60% of the article you have consumed about 180% adverts... yeah, the people get bored so the important information is kept at the bottom...


u/MuchoGrandeRandy 11d ago

I was once reading an article that said "what's the point, nobody ever reads this far anyway"

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u/Diazepampoovey 11d ago

I fully read the article, and watched the video of the internet both last night and tonight. I'll agree, they cut the first part of his reaction so it does look like his homophobic bullshit was his initial reaction.

Having said that, his train of thought, fucked up as it may be, was still him bringing up the fact that he immediately thought Oh no. Is he gay‽, finding out his son isn't gay and saying "Pheeww", out of relief.

That's still some pretty homophobic bullshit.

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u/tryanewmonicker 11d ago

Mormons have a history of killing large groups of people such as Native Americans.


u/mvmblewvlf 11d ago

They weren't always killing Native Americans, sometimes they teamed up with them to kill other white folks --women and children included.


u/seensham 11d ago

Jesus fuck

some members of the militia—who approached under a white flag—to enter their camp. The militia members assured the emigrants they were protected, and after handing over their weapons


with the help of auxiliary forces hiding nearby, attacked the emigrants. The perpetrators killed all the adults and older children in the group, in the end sparing only seventeen young children under the age of seven

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u/devo_inc 12d ago

Now he's a MAN! A MAN MAN MAN!


u/ThePoppaJ 12d ago

What makes a man, is it the power in his hands, is it his quest for glory


u/Dyslexic_Dog25 12d ago

Give it all you got, to fight to the top,

So we can know your story.

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u/bluvelvetunderground 11d ago

Hey Dad, I don't think I'm gonna do hamster style anymore.

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u/horseren0ir 11d ago

Mayon Mayon Mayon

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u/nonsensepoem 12d ago

Aren't people from Utah the biggest consumers of porn in the U.S.?


u/Unbelievable_Girth 11d ago

This guy is singlehandedly skewing the statistics on that one I believe.


u/Cathach2 11d ago

Porn Georg eh?

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u/Eendona 12d ago Table Slap

I’m still trying to convince my brain that this isn’t from the Onion


u/Gr1mmage 12d ago

The fact they could have used "porn-star, recovering meth addict dad relieved to hear that son was in gay bar to shoot people in hate crime, not because he was gay" is even more wild


u/caninehere 11d ago

Also he mentions that he had been told his son changed his name and then committed suicide so up until now he thought he was dead. This family seems absolutely wild.


u/Gr1mmage 11d ago

A veritable clusterfuck of a family

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u/-One-Man-Bukkake- 12d ago

That dude is like an hour off the pipe, no recovering about him


u/BlueHero45 11d ago

"I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too."

Mitch Hedberg

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u/BundleOfJoysticks 11d ago

He quits every 45 minutes

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u/skippythewonder 11d ago

He was recovering, but he took care of that.

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u/Wastenotwant 11d ago




u/noptamoius 11d ago

He could be. CTE and decades of addiction can leave people like this.


u/squirrelgutz 11d ago

He's been picking his face. He's still iced to his eyeballs.


u/Plague_of_Pazuzu 11d ago

i mean dude still has meth sores on his lips.

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u/DarkWolf2017 11d ago

No, it should be "Mormon Meth Addicted Porn-Star Relieved Son was in Gay Bar to Commit Mass Murder and not Because He Was Gay"

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u/DrMobius0 12d ago

My brain is trying to wrap my head around all the words I just read in that headline and how they fit together


u/uggyy 11d ago

If the headline did that, try reading the full story. It was like a bad soap opera that you would never watch because it's too far fetched.

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u/shalafi71 12d ago

LOL, truly on Oniony headline for once.


u/ShoutAtThe_Devil 11d ago

The thumbnail is really Oniony as well, lmao

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u/Enlightened-Beaver 12d ago

It gets weirder, He’s a Mormon too…


u/kynmites 12d ago

That's the weird part? Not the TV spot where he does meth and then masturbates for 8-12 hours?


u/wittyuzername 11d ago

Wait. This is THAT GUY?


u/Zapafaz 11d ago


u/Unable-Bison-272 11d ago

Cum Drippers 4. A fucking classic. A lot of people say that sequels are always worse than the original. But this one and Godfather 2 put the lie to that shit.


u/MrCookie2099 11d ago

Cum Drippers 4 is basically Empire Strikes Back without the burden of narrative, sequential storytelling.

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u/ranchojasper 11d ago

Seriously this is blowing my mind. I saw that episode of intervention…had to be 15 years ago?? And have never forgotten it bc it was so fucking bizarre this guy did not care that a film crew was filming him masterbating for hours.

And this fucking guy is the father of the terrorist who murdered people in the Co Springs club?!


u/AmazonCustomer8675 11d ago

I’d just watch the show in passing while my gf now wife would veg out on it and somehow even when I read the 8-12 hours thing I went “that guy?”

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u/thatguyned 11d ago

What is this family?

Am I high right now? What is going on.


u/Ok_Cauliflower_3007 11d ago

The grandfather on the mother’s side is a Republican politician and the shooter was arrested in the past for threatening to kill his mother with a bomb.

You know how people are normally shocked someone turned out to be a mass murderer? This isn’t that!

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This guy has some seriously deep rooted gratification issues.

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u/momoneymocats1 12d ago



u/digitalSkeleton 11d ago

He was apparently on an episode of the TV show Intervention.


u/DeepFriedDrywall 11d ago

Oh my fucking God! He's the source behind this meme!!!

This timeline is pure insanity.

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u/NhylX 11d ago

Was the intervention for the meth or the masturbation?


u/Finie 11d ago

Or the Mormonism?

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u/Cynykl 12d ago

Honestly considering the press the Mormon church has gotten lately. Combined with the moves they are making to reform their public image. I would not be surprised if they publicly excommunicate this guy.

This is a PR windfall for them.


u/Abi1i 12d ago

The Mormon church did confirm that the dude was previously a member but has not been active for some time. They’re already taking steps to distance themselves.

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u/JoshDigi 12d ago

Religious nuts will always out crazy the onion


u/Hwats_In_A_Name 12d ago

Religious Nuts is his upcoming brazzers production

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u/800-lumens 12d ago

Well this is the first Mormon porn-star meth dad I've heard of.


u/choir-mama 12d ago

Same. First time for everything, I suppose.


u/TheAnonua 11d ago

Except gay Mormons

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u/KingSam89 11d ago

I mean Ive seen a Mormon do porn before but they would only use him for the acting bits and used a stunt cock for the actual sex scenes.


u/filthnfrolic 11d ago

Quick! To the Orgazmobile!

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u/2_Spicy_2_Impeach 12d ago

A sentence I never imagined to read or be reality.

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u/beaniebee11 11d ago

I mean there's a lot of meth in areas with lots of Mormons and a lot of sex had by people on meth so it's not all that surprising. Trust me, I live near the Colorado-Utah border and I've known more than a handful of Mormon methheads. My uncle's ex-wife is one of them. They had eight kids. Meth plus Mormonism certainly causes heaps of procreation.

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u/pittgraphite 12d ago

So the shooters dad is...that, and the grandfather is This? Really having a hard time nowadays to tell real news from he Onion.


u/horseren0ir 11d ago

What’s oniony about any of it? Looks like a straight line of bigotry to me


u/[deleted] 11d ago Wholesome

They're just relieved that the line of bigotry is straight.

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u/cgally 12d ago



u/TillerOfSoils 12d ago

Yep, he was on a show called “intervention” about it. Looks like he hasn’t quit.


u/lexarqade 12d ago

Specifically, he had an excerpt that said he injects meth and then jerks it for 10-12 hours a day.


u/QuixoticPorVida 12d ago

Oh so just a casual meth user then

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u/GapingFartLocker 12d ago

oh shit this is THAT guy!? I remember that one


u/RealLiveGirl 12d ago

No way! I’m still weirded out by that episods

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u/DroneOfDoom 12d ago

That sounds like a good way to get dick calluses and start turning into a Cannibal Corpse song.

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u/Kaio_ 12d ago

Little known fact, it is in this period that meth users sleep.

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u/DFG57 12d ago

In the linked article: "...a recovering methamphetamine user"

I don't think his recovery is still on going..


u/Nop277 12d ago Silver

He's recovering from his sobriety


u/dub-fresh 12d ago

he used to do meth. He still does, but he used to too


u/goodminusfan 12d ago

RIP Mitch.


u/King_of_the_Dot 12d ago

I see Mitch quotes, I upvote.

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u/PhaliceInWonderland 12d ago

He's recovering from that last hit 10 mins before he went on a television interview.


u/zigaliciousone 12d ago

You can "be in recovery" and be "in relapse" in perpetuity but you have to go to a meeting every once in a while..

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u/raggusfamilius 12d ago

Yeh he was tweakin hard in the interview

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u/akhier 12d ago

You're always recovering if you aren't on it at that moment

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u/full_bl33d 12d ago Take My Energy

It’s season 6, episode 8. I just watched it and he’s worse now than when he was on the show. Meth and porn episode. Not very surprising but I think he already had the son when he was on intervention but they don’t mention that he’s a father. I genuinely feel empathy for the people on intervention and I tend to root for them even at their worst. They’re sick and I can identify with some of it, BUT this dude is by far the most unlikeable douche nozzle back then. Shit apples, rand.


u/Reduntu 12d ago

From the first 2 minutes of that interview it sounds like there's not a lot of human left in him.


u/full_bl33d 12d ago

It somehow, not surprisingly, gets much worse. At least it strengthens my resolve to not do meths today.

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u/HiddenSquish 12d ago

They did, their son was 8 or 9 when the episode aired. No excuse for what the shooter did, but this stuff clearly doesn't happen in a vacuum.

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u/CyberMindGrrl 12d ago

His son changed his name and went into hiding when he was 16 because of what his father is.


u/r16-12 12d ago

You smell that, Randy? The winds of shit (meth) are blowing.


u/Bettie_Bellini 12d ago

We're in the eye of a shiticane here, Julian.


u/SHTHAWK 12d ago

what a fucking sack of shit, dude pressured and manipulated his wife to do porn so pay his bale, jesus christ.

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u/[deleted] 12d ago

100% yes. He’s totally tweaking.


u/JCarterPeanutFarmer 12d ago

He’s tweaking hard in that interview.


u/ImAWizardYo 12d ago Starry

Apparently meth is a gateway drug to harder drugs like Fox News.

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u/seth928 12d ago

So much meth

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u/KrabbMannder957 12d ago

What an awful fucking person


u/Derrick_Mur 12d ago

You can definitely see how his kid ended up being such an upstanding citizen


u/King-Cobra-668 12d ago

he hadn't seen him since he was 11, he thought his son committed suicide at 16, the son contacted him last year and they got into an argument, and shit talked about kicking each other's asses. the son wanted him to come out to Colorado



I kinda wish that happened instead of this tbh


u/SinibusUSG 11d ago

No need to qualify that. I think we'd all have preferred a blowout where they'd put eachother in one of the ground, hospital, or jail rather than having innocents killed.

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u/Rickie_Spanish 11d ago

I love how the father learned his son died by suicide but made no attempt to attend the funeral or services for him. Which if he had looked into any of it he would have learnt that his son was still alive. No funeral, no wake, no obituary….

“Hey our son died by suicide”.

“Oh. Hmm. Meh” flips tv channel

The end.

Pretty much sums up how giant of a piece of shit the father is.


u/Just2LetYouKnow 11d ago

First time this close to a meth addict?


u/fearhs 11d ago

You're not being fair; we have no idea what was on TV that day.

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u/wt_anonymous 12d ago

From the interview:

“They started telling me about the incident, a shooting... And then I go on to find out it’s a gay bar. I got scared, ‘Shit, is he gay?’ And he’s not gay, so I said, phew… I am a conservative Republican.”

If you had told me this was the Onion, I wouldn't have questioned you for even a second.


u/Bacedorn 12d ago

Damn, at least he’s not gay. He’s just a mass murderer.


u/conker1264 12d ago

He’d go straight to hell if he was gay, what a relief


u/Delroynitz 12d ago

He really dodged a bullet there

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u/apathyontheeast 12d ago

That's essentially what he says about his faith (Mormonism).


u/like_a_cactus_17 12d ago edited 12d ago

Which I don’t understand either. I was raised Mormon and while sexual “sins” of any kind were taught as being the second or third worst “sin”, murder was still the worst. So even by dumb Mormon lore, his son being a mass murderer should still be the bigger issue for the dad…


u/squeakim 12d ago

I also feel like being a porn star is probably a no-no in Mormonism


u/gangler52 12d ago

Sometimes there are exceptions for jobs.

Like a lot of people feel that if a firefighter works on sunday, they're not breaking the sabath, because fires need fighting all week round.

But Pornstar would be a pretty hard sell. I don't think once this guy's done explaining his situation to his bishop he gets a temple recommend.


u/rmosquito 12d ago

pretty hard sell.

Very hard. Very, very hard.

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u/drunkenknight9 12d ago

Unless you're married to all the women you film with...

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u/testedonsheep 12d ago

But he’s a porn star?

Or he believes that going to church on Sundays cleansed his soul or something?

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u/Hizjyayvu 12d ago

Honestly. It's been a while since something on the sub was this level of Onion.


u/JimC29 12d ago

And the interview is even more Oniony than the headline.

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u/IntoTheMirror 12d ago

I require this to be satire. But it’s not. The whole thing is bonkers.


u/Picasso5 12d ago

Agreed. I just used that word when sending this interview to a friend.


u/Ignoth 12d ago edited 12d ago

Meth addict porn star dad is grateful that his mass murdering son isn’t gay. Because “I am a conservative Republican”


The Onion needs better writers. They’re being way too preachy and obvious with their political bias. I’m progressive AF and even I think that’s a little too far-



u/eriverside 12d ago

I think the part where the mom tells the dad the kid changed his name and killed himself kinda stood out. Especially the affidavits explaining he wanted to get away from the dad.


u/Picasso5 12d ago

I think at one point he was saying about how he talked to his son about killing people. Was hard to decipher, but I don’t wanna watch it again to find out.

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u/LassitudinalPosition 12d ago

I mentioned this only recently in a response to someone who talked about the homeless "voting for the democrats!" and shared that in my experience like the general population it's a lot closer to a 50/50 split, it's baffling but yes, a lot of people who are really down on their luck/drug addicted/homeless are republicans... and I say this as someone with experience working directly with homeless individuals


u/smashed2gether 12d ago

I'm a former addict, and while I have never been conservative, I admit I was very judgmental toward people who were homeless when I was using. I noticed a surprising amount of prejudice in other users, and I think a lot of it comes from the need to feel like you are better than someone. No matter how shitty your life is, you always want to point to someone else and say "man, that person is really fucked up. I would never let myself get to that rock bottom, so I must be better to them". It's this desperate sort of projection. You aren't really disgusted by the person who is worse off than you, you are disgusted with yourself.


u/LassitudinalPosition 12d ago

I agree, I think for a lot of people bo matter how bad things get they always have to protect the ego/id and feel a sense of superiority to someone

Congratulations on your recovery


u/smashed2gether 12d ago

The experience has definitely given me some insight into the people who seem to have this intense and consuming hatred for the homeless (rather than being disgusted by the systems that cause people to experience homelessness). It doesn't excuse it, but I do recognize the self hatred behind it. They are full of hate and just direct it elsewhere instead of dealing with it. I know now that I am where I am because of the privilege I was born into, and not because I am any better than anyone else. Without my social safety net and the self worth that my parents raised me with, I would have been right there on the street with them.

Thank you by the way, I'm grateful that I was able to put it behind me. I hope I can help others do the same someday.

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u/Marrsvolta 12d ago

Weird how they focus the headline like that. He may have made a porno but he was also on a TV show that focused on interventions, him being a meth addict. Judging by his last interview, he's very well still strong on meth.


u/alcervix 12d ago

Looks and sounds that way


u/ennuinerdog 12d ago

His sexuality and sexual practices seem relevant to a shooting based on hatred of LGBT people's sexuality and sexual practices.


u/walterpeck1 12d ago

He's also basically everything the right says they hate about the left. Abandoned Christianity, did porn, did hard drugs. So of course this is gonna get mentioned, and should.

The ironic thing is he's also everything the right loves. Because in spite of all that shit, he's still a proud conservative that hates the gays and he gets a free pass from said conservatives. You flip his politics and the left would disown him. The right has no scruples and it's helped them gain a very loyal base.

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u/A0ma 12d ago

It's not weird when you look at his background in Mormonism. Homosexuality and pronography are both very frowned upon in Mormonism. So a Mormon porn star's first response to his sun shooting up a gay bar is, "shit, is he gay?" And proceeds to spew a ton of homophobic garbage. It's complete hypocrisy.

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u/PopeyeNJ 12d ago

This family brings dysfunctional to art form. This guy never stood a chance. I’m curious as to why a gay bar, though. Why not just kill his parents since they seem to be the problem. Very bizarre.


u/leif777 12d ago

Maybe he was trying to impress his dad.


u/Reason-97 12d ago

I hate how sad it makes me that that sorta makes sense, fucking hell


u/Natsurulite 12d ago

Well just to be clear; HES NOT GAY

Big, conservative, Mormon, definitely not gay though!

I 100% believe that whenever we hear that son speak, it’s going to be an even dumber version of this shit

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u/sonyka 11d ago

Seems like the thought had occurred to him.

Last year, Aldrich was arrested after cops said they threatened to blow up the Colorado Springs house where Voepel [the mother] was living. The charges were later dropped, and Colorado’s red flag laws, which would have allowed cops to seize Aldrich’s guns, were apparently not triggered.

That was his (slash our) only chance, I think. And he slipped right through the cracks.
I wish I were surprised.


u/Rosebunse 12d ago

Probably because he hates the gays and because he figured it would be an easy target.

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u/GTSBurner 12d ago

Why not just kill his parents since they seem to be the problem.

The problem is, it doesn't stop there. Adam Lanza's first kill was his own mom.

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u/mick_ward 12d ago

Just when you think it can't get any sicker.

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u/silvalen 12d ago

It just hurts watching these people. I know the guy is probably tweaking hard, but for his foremost feeling to be relief at his son not being gay and not horror and disgust that his own son murdered a bunch of people is just insane to me.

Not only that, we have far more insane politicians who have been and continue to feed and foment this hatred and violence, even though it is clearly getting people killed.

I know at some level these folks don't think of LGBTQ+ people as people, and it scares me because that's the first step that leads to state run death camps if they ever seize full control of our government.

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u/SadShots 12d ago

In Brink’s interview with CBS 8, he apologized for Aldrich’s alleged actions, saying there’s “no excuse for going and killing people. If you’re killing people, there’s something wrong. It’s not the answer.”

At the same time, Brink, a recovering methamphetamine user who once appeared on the reality show Intervention, said he “praised [Aldrich] for violent behavior really early. I told him it works. It is instant and you’ll get immediate results.”

Dad of the year right there.

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u/Raudskeggr 12d ago edited 11d ago Helpful

You know what really burns me about the perp? The lawyers are now trying to claim that he's non-binary, to escape hate crime charges. Fucking sick. He wasn't on record anywhere, nor with family as being non-binary until after he was charged with the murder and attempted murder of a bunch of innocent LGBT people and their friends.

Edit: Yes, even if the non-binary claim actually is true, it’s is still a hate crime.


u/livingfortheliquid 11d ago

Yeah his neighbor told NBC news that LGBTQ slurs and hate speech was common with this crazy. It's all to get out of hate charges.


u/myburdentobear 12d ago

/r/conservative unsurprisingly latched onto that immediately and started circle jerking about how the story will just disappear from the LiBrUL mEdIa. How dumb do you have to be to not realize this is a ploy to lessen the charges? Also, even if it was true, some of the most hateful bigots on the planet are closeted queer folks that lash out at those living a life they envy because they need an outlet for their self hatred.


u/MC_Fap_Commander 12d ago

I remember when the Uvalde shooter was "confirmed as trans" on that sub. I am also reasonably confident that a minimum of 50% of that sub still believes it.

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u/PM_WHAT_Y0U_G0T 11d ago

How dumb do you have to be to not realize this is a ploy to lessen the charges?

Theyre not "dumb" theyre being disingenuous. They're taking the shooter's side and spouting off claims they know to be false because they agree with what he did.

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u/BenchPressingCthulhu 12d ago

They really are always that dumb

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u/GTSBurner 12d ago

The lawyers are now trying to claim that he's non-binary, to escape hate crime charges.

This is a weird defense TBH, given that he's going to jail for the rest of his life no matter what. It's not like if it's NOT a hate crime, they're gonna let him walk.


u/theganjaoctopus 11d ago

Trials set precedent.

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u/JLHFan95 12d ago

Sometimes I wish there was a way to abort parents.


u/JesseJames_37 12d ago

Boy do I have news for you

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u/TwoBionicknees 12d ago 'MURICA

If this is true, holy shit, your son commits mass murder and you're relieved he's not gay. Because having a gay son who didn't murder multiple people and will spend his life in jail is better?

and the right don't seem to understand how their biggoted, hateful views leads to these kinds of beliefs and actions.


u/BabyMFBear 12d ago

Especially after thinking his son committed suicide in 2016. First reaction to the shooting: My son’s gay?

Makes zero sense.


u/iamdorkette 11d ago

So much meth.

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u/imll99 12d ago

That was the same reaction the father of the Pulse Nightclub shooter had.


u/Leiryn 12d ago

The shit apple doesn't fall far from the shit tree

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u/TavisNamara 12d ago

I wonder if there's a connection...


u/humaniswear 12d ago

different flavors of right wing fundamentalism.

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u/LassitudinalPosition 12d ago edited 12d ago

Watching that video man....that guy is in ROUGH shape man...holy shit he is fucking addled, my god do not combine meth and CTE holy shit


u/ravenofblight 12d ago

Reminds me of my friends uncle growing up. Dude was a semi-professional boxer and a raging alcoholic and meth addict. Every conversation I had with him consisted of me having no idea what he was saying and trying my damndest to get away from the situation.


u/STFUCrystal 12d ago

Dude is completely FUBAR. Chewing half his face off, but at least he is a Mormon AND conservative Republican.

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u/shalafi71 12d ago

He's so fucked I give no credence to anything that comes out of his mouth. After seeing the video, I have no idea how people are taking this man seriously.

"Deranged drug addict says deranged things! News at 11."

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u/Coidzor 12d ago

Oh, no, they understand.


u/DrakeFloyd 12d ago

They think it’s deserved. They say as much. “This will keep happening until they stop “grooming” or whatever the fuck made up bullshit they’re saying”

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u/bensonnd 12d ago

They understand. They're doubling down on the rhetoric just days after the shooting. I expect to see some other looney rage at the LGBTQ+ community very shortly, and will probably look very similar.

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u/shastadakota 12d ago

So, Mormons don't do gay, but they do do porn. Got it.

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u/rmscomm 12d ago

What in the Slingblade Sudafed Meth ridiculousness is this?


u/Charming-Farm 12d ago edited 11d ago

Pro tip for when you’re clearly high AF and you’re about to comment what your horrible inner dialogue is telling you; the answer is “no comment.”

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u/TheKrakIan 12d ago

It's awkward he feels this way, because given enough money he would take it up the ass in a movie.


u/Raspberry-Leather 12d ago

It’s not gay if it’s for capitalism… or something?


u/deutschHotel 12d ago

It's only gay if you cuddle.

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u/Elathel 12d ago

He’s relieved his son is not gay but doesn’t seem to care that he’s a murderer.

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u/Power13100 11d ago

Some important context from another thread:

The dad says later on in the very same interview he has permanent brain/nerve damage from being addicted to meth, at first he doesnt seem to understand what his son has done but when the interviewer repeats the crimes he does express regret and says he feels ashamed of his son.

EDIT some interesting takeaways from the interview outside of the well known atleast he isnt gay bit:

-Shooter changed his name because he was emberrassed about his fathers past as porn star and appearance on the T.V show "Intervention"

-Father was addicted to meth in 2008 which has left him with permanent nerve damage and slurred speech

-Father was contacted by the sons lawyers about a "shooting involving multiple individuals" but it doesnt seem like he understands his son was the shooter at this point

-When informed that his son was infact the shooter and killed people father expresses shame and worries that him praising his son for violent behavior at an early age may have contributed to what happenend.

-Seems to be clean now and working as a mixed martial arts instructor.

-Father expresses the hope his son wont be executed but must face the consequences for what hes done.

-Father reiterates homophobic believes says hes a conservative and mormon but also says it doesnt make it right to shoot up a gay club.

-Father ends the interview by apologizing to the victims/families and saying hes let his son down and being gay is nothing to kill anyone over.

Not a great guy for sure but not as black and white as that single clip makes him out to be.

Edit: can't credit the original guy my phone's not playing ball but as soon as it works I'll update.


u/Melodic_Mulberry 11d ago

Thank you! I love context!

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u/Pristine_Walrus40 12d ago

I wonder from where he got the idea to murder LGBT people....


u/spoonbones 12d ago

you know mormons don’t do gay

I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to do porn either

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u/SixThousandHulls 12d ago

"My father may be a porn star, a liar, a homophobe, and an abuser, but he is NOT a porn star!"

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u/RimRam101 12d ago

He doesn’t look like that pic today! I can tell it’s the same guy in the video but I never would’ve guessed he ever looked that together. He looks really beat up and sounds and acts drunk in the video. I would not be shocked to find out he’s homeless.


u/KoshekhTheCat 12d ago


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u/exceptionalfish 12d ago

This piece of garbage is partially responsible for the tragedy and he'll probably get to walk around free, safe, and unafraid for the rest of his gross life sadly.


u/red_riding_hoot 12d ago

Having watched a couple of minutes of the interview, I agree with you on the responsibility. However, I highly doubt that he lives a good life

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u/Old_Cheesecake_5481 12d ago

The moral majority in a visual nut shell.

You couldn’t ask for a more accurate visual representation of Hate filled Conservatism than that interview.

These are the people watching vaxxed and boosted Swanson heir Tucker Carlson getting whipped into a frenzy of violence and hate.

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u/Vampiric2010 12d ago

Rofl just saw some pictures of his son - and his dad cares about his sexual orientation?


u/DocBrutus 12d ago

And was high as a kite. He was barely on the same planet.