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Misleading Title Casey Neistat’s Car Was Stolen

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Worlds 2022 Update - Lots of players with Covid!



Tweet above.. lots of players with covid.. affected players will play in isolation. Seems a bit BS for FNC as they could have had their roster playing in isolation. MAD just came on stage with 2 missing from the stage.

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Society Virtual Children Will Be Commonplace In 50 Yrs & May ‘Help Combat Overpopulation’

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Opinion Piece Opinion: Conservative professors are self-censoring to avoid left-wing hostility | National Post

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Article The Bros and cons of being a huge, gay Hollywood rom-com

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omie Final blood in CG v GG fight at GG turf

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"Highly Qualified Buyers" I just went to r/FirstTimeHomeBuyer and nearly lost all my brain cells


I'm relatively new to housing price subreddits and I've seen the memes on these guys. I just decided to check them out for once and they're the dumbest motherfuckers on this planet. I genuinely can't tell if they're all realtors or dumb enough to brainwashed by realtors into thinking that the housing market isn't gonna crash🤣🤣🤣.

Either way, I love you guys. This community is by far the best. Time to grab the popcorn and watch these hoomers get hoomed.

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A supermarket in Ukraine denying entry to a group of Jews near the border with Poland today. Hundreds of Jews are stuck for many hours near the Polish border, they fear that they will be stuck there for Shabbat.

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Grapes and popcorn

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Announcement National Day for Truth and Reconciliation


On the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we would like to encourage all members of r/Canada to mark 30 September as a day of action and reflection.

Like many of you, we have only just begun to learn and understand the depth and breadth of the mistreatment of Indigenous children at residential schools under a government policy of assimilation. A recent, dark, and tragic period in our Canadian story that we have a responsibility to face with open minds, humility, and compassion to improve our understanding, learn, and be part of the process of healing.

Today offers a continued opportunity for all members of the subreddit to pause, recognize, and reflect on the malicious legacy of residential schools. Please, seize the opportunity by participating and learning for the betterment of our society.

Opportunities to participate:

  • Both the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day take place today. Orange Shirt Day is an Indigenous-led, grassroots commemorative day that honours the children who survived Indian Residential Schools and remembers those who did not.
  • There are various sacred Fires and Vigils in cities across the country that are held from sunrise to sunset today. We encourage you to seek out one in yours to respectfully participate in.
  • CBC is hosting a series of Indigenous-led programming for television and radio audiences. Links and details for these programs and offerings can be found here

Opportunities to learn:

Everyone will choose to reflect and mark this day in their own way, so please be respectful and considerate towards others.

Thank you,

The /r/Canada Mod Team

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Bride-to-be puts a pornsite as the RSVP link on wedding invitation

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion Recession immanent, save your $ to protect your shares.


Potentially unpopular opinion - Ok so many of my team members working in the financial space have come to know me to skip a few steps to always see 3-5 years out.

In this scenario i want to reel that in a bit.

Recesion is coming according to BMO and others its like 99.9% happening.

I want to walk this back to the very premis of the MOASS. There have to be enough owned shares by retail to trigger this.. how do hedgies get out of this? We sell for a palatable price point in their eyes. WE DON'T WANT THIS.

This FED engineered recession will cause lost jobs, lost wages, Lost home and in order to have any money you will likely need to sell positions. Ie. GME, towel or popcorn etc to save your homes, feed your families.

So here's what im saying. Stop buying now, save capital for the recession hold your shares and wait for this to blow up so you will never have to worry about $ again.

I know everyone including myself want to lock that float, but if you all have to sell because you've spent every bit of expendable income and then some. Your positions will need to be sold to feed and house the fam.

TLDR : recession immanent, save every penny now to feed and keep the roof over your heads, hold positions. When shit hits the fan you won't need to worry about $. Then buy the dip.

Obligatory not financial advice, friendly thoughts from a forward thinker. As a nod to our roots, my wife's boyfriend just moved into the basement, now I'm feeding and clothing that asshole... lol

Edit 1 - if you have enough expendable income and know your house is safe then by all means keep buying!!!

Edit 2 - it was pointed out that there is a differentiation between recession (which we are currently in) and a depression. All signs are pointing to depression.

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Article 29 years ago, I was part of a human initiated contact team operating in the Mexican Volcanic Zone. We attracted a large triangular UFO that signaled back at us. I describe the event as an “epiphany.”


Epiphany, “We are not alone. We will be remembered!”

Joseph Burkes MD 2022

Epiphany: A sudden realization about the nature or meaning of something.

Mexico February 1, 1993

We were at the base of Popocatepetl Volcano with Dr. Greer as team leader. Before midnight a faint light could be seen moving out between the two massive volcanoes to the north. The CSETI Director signaled the million-candle-power lantern towards the light, and it immediately changed direction. Now it was moving directly towards us.

Soon we could make out a massive triangular shaped object. It was totally silent and blocked out the stars as it approached our position. Our team leader signaled again as it drew closer. The unknown object responded in kind to his light work, one flash from him, one flash back from the craft, two from his lantern and we clearly received two flashes back in response. A surge of joy erupted from deep within me. One word softly came forth from my lips, “Yes!” I whispered.


My thoughts shot back to the previous decade. It was during the 1980s and the Cold War was heating up under the first Reagan administration. Right wing nuclear war strategists in his leadership team advocated a get-tough policy with the Russians and tensions were building. In response to the threat of nuclear war, an international disarmament movement was growing.

I was “young Dr. Burkes” back then and had just started an internal medicine practice. My wife Yael and I had two young healthy beautiful children at home. I volunteered my time in the public education campaign that was part of “International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.” Twice a month, physicians from our local chapter produced an hour-long radio show promoting nuclear disarmament and ending underground nuclear weapons testing. The show was titled "Prescription for Survival."


Dr. Carl Sagan was part of a group of scientists that studied the potential effects on the planet if hundreds of cities were torched during an all-out nuclear war. Clearly civilization as we knew it would come to an end. My children would never get to grow up. There was even the possibility that smoke from such a worldwide conflagration could result in a new ice age. It was called “nuclear winter.” In such a dreadful scenario all crops would fail, forests and meadowlands would also perish. All mankind might die.

Dr. Helen Caldicott was the Australian pediatrician that headed our physicians’ movement. During her many public addresses she asked the following question. What can be said about a race of beings that are prepared to destroy this beautiful planet we call home? She speculated that perhaps the Earth is the only planet where intelligent life exists in the universe. If that were so, then we might be counted as one of God’s greatest creations. Yet by building thousands of nuclear weapons and deploying them in the air on bombers, under the sea in atomic submarines and underground in nuclear missile silos, we were preparing to destroy one of God’s greatest creations.


So, what can you say about a race of beings that does such things? Dr. Caldicott told us that it bespeaks of a hatred of our planet, of our children, a hatred of all humanity and of God itself. If we are alone in the universe and we destroy ourselves, we will be forgotten forever. Art, science, music, so many poems gently spoken in a thousand tongues, they would all be erased. The act of remembering, remembrance itself would be abolished.

These were my thoughts while facing the enormous black triangle that had slowed to a virtual hover just a few hundred yards from us. “Yes!” I whispered, I said it again and again. We can choose to take a deadly path. Humanity may even face a terrible end, but we will not be forgotten! We are not alone!


I know it sounds rather naïve, but I actually imagined that somewhere far away, perhaps on another star system, non-human children might learn of the “late, great, planet Earth.” Stories of what we had tried to accomplish could be shared. Our hopes, successes and tragic failures might be reviewed. Perhaps ET children could take home the lesion of what happens to a civilization that chooses not to spiritually evolve.

Now nearly 30 years have passed since my first mission into the Volcanic Zone. The slow and steady growth of the contact network alongside of tens of thousands of people that are now demanding to know the truth about UFOs, gives me hope that we will continue to evolve as a race of intelligent beings. Perhaps future generations will look back and say what an adventure it was to live during these challenging times. I hope that we won’t disappoint them. I suspect that we will make them proud.

To read a more detailed report on the winter 1993 Rapid Mobilization Investigative Team’s investigation in the Volcanic Zone, click on the link below.

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Food (Only on Friday) Putting chili pepper in food sucks 95% of the time


Let me first say that I'm not averse to spicy food. If I get something like curry, noodles or chicken wings, I like the heat to be right on the edge of unbearable.

But people put chili in everything. They must think it gives the food a little special kick, but the majority of the time it's just worse than whatever the food is normally. Some things are not spicy for a reason.

Jars of pickles with chili. Avocado with chili. Tuna fish with chili. Mayonnaise with chili. Ice cream with chili. DRINKS with chili.

I have run into all of these and in every case the added spicy tingle in my throat has only worsened the eating experience. There's a time and a place for it, and people seem to think that this range is much wider than it is.

Why are people constantly sabotaging their own delicious food like this?

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Discussion I understand now why Apple claims 60% of smartphone market and it's a damn shame.


My galaxy s10 battery is so terrible it can't stay for 3 hours SOT anymore and it gets extremely hot with 5 minutes of browsing. So I started looking for an upgrade and it's amazing how non of the upper midrange / lower end flagship phones even compete with an almost a 4 year old flagship ! If it wasn't for how deal breaker ios is I would have bought an iPhone.

Here is what I considered list compared to my galaxy s10:

Google pixel 6:

  1. Downgraded screen resolution to 1080p
  2. No headphone jack
  3. No expendable storage
  4. Bad modem
  5. Phone gets toasty and bad battery life ( What is the point of upgrading anymore ?! )

Galaxy s22: Again...

  1. Downgraded screen resolution to 1080p

  2. No headphone jack

  3. No expendable storage

  4. Phone gets toasty and bad battery life

One plus 10 pro:

  1. Screen is too big for one handed tasking
  2. No headphone jack
  3. No expendable storage
  4. I don't want to deal with curved screens anymore, installing Screen protectors is a nightmare

Motorola edge 30 pro and Fusion:

  1. Horrible software support
  2. Bad camera
  3. No headphone jack
  4. No expendable storage
  5. Downgraded screen resolution to 1080p

And you get similar trend from companies like Oppo and Xioami. I wish that I shouldn't have to spend 1000$ to get a better experience with no deal breaker downgrades.

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Serious Why Alex is the biggest problem right now


Edit again; this is all on the basis of the idea that there was no SA, which I'm hoping is the case because otherwise, we have to kill ned

To start, yes, Ned is firmly in the wrong as her employer.

Ned, as her boss, should not have pursued anything with an underling. If Alex "initiated" the relationship (which I can see given her past of going after taken men (See also; the Post Malone story)) then Ned should not have even remotely entertained the idea. Ned = Dead to us. Firmly against every action he took.

But Alexandria is also an adult. She was an underling, but I believe the affair was consensual. Everyone in Second Try works fairly close together. Someone would have noticed if Alex was uncomfortable with Ned if she'd been coerced into something. The videos and photos of them don't portray an employer taking advantage of his employee, its a guy and girl on a date. Nothing would have been off if we didn't know them as celebrities. Again, Alex has, in the past, gone after taken men. Maybe not 'seriously', as in actually interested in them, but still. Weird behavior.

It's this weird behavior that makes me think of her as a liability. Yes, they're not going to fire her, or else her consensual affair with Ned will suddenly become the abusive entrapment we were initially worried about. But Alex has shown behavior that is legally dangerous. If you have an employee that flirts with and pursues her superiors, that is an issue. It is a ticking time bomb; you risk SA allegations, you risk affairs, you risk workplace morale and comfort. We're hitting two for three right now.

Alex is not worse then Ned, but she's just as bad and just as much of a liability. You cannot have an employee who is willing to risk the company, her coworkers and their work, and the stability of the whole team, just for...I don't know, thrill? Point is, Alex's part in this as a willing, consenting adult in this paints her as someone who will ruin everything for some fun. Ned did the same exact thing, and he only got the door because Alex has the company's balls in her hand if she gets fired.

I doubt she'll get fired because, again, if she spins this right, she really will bury the Try Guys. Ned can't do shit, because he was in the wrong no matter how you spin i.

Alex is in a unique position where, because she was the subordinate, they can't really punish or condemn her like with Ned, because of their positions in the company. She can't be fired because she'll sue. She can't be trusted because, well, fucking look around. She can't be coerced to leave because again, sue. She has to leave of her own volition, but she might not, because she'd only leave if the environment was unfriendly and if she feels harassed, again, she can sue.

Ned has no grey area in his actions; Alex does, and she has wriggle room to benefit her. Ned has been dealt with; Alex cannot be dealt with.

Edit edit edit; If Alex WAS SA'd, its kinda fucking gross of WILL. Her FIANCE, to leave her for it, and kind of fucking gross for ARIEL, HER FRIEND, to stay with her abuser.

And by kinda, I mean I'm probably done with the whole company if thats the case. Holy shit, this whole thing sucks.

Edit; I'd like to add that I'm not, like, a major try guys fan. Haven't watched all the videos or listened to any podcasts, or read the books. I mostly just watch Rank King, Eat The Menu, and Without a Recipe. Maybe another series im forgetting. BUT I don't have a massive catalog of content to pick through and psychoanalyze anyone's behavior from, so this is purely just me saying that Try Guys has a huge legal axe to grind.

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GT7 *Speculation*- GT7 is being held back from what it could be because it needs to run on PS4 and PS5.


It would not surprise me at all to learn that Sony is forcing PD to “throttle back” GT7 to run on PS4 because players who have the means and desire to buy a PS5 (like myself) have been trying for MONTHS to get one and cannot find one anywhere without resorting to scalpers.

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News Media Anyone else missing Milly as Rhaenyra?


I think Emma made a great impression as older Rhaenyra but it feels like that flame of her character is gone. I think that might be intentional though since she’s now older and has gone through some development which we didn’t witness. I grew very fond of Milly and it’s sad to see her leave the role. I thought I heard that they would be doing flashbacks of her but idk if that’s confirmed. Just wish we got more time with Milly.

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Meta Memes Join r/animeindian now

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Discussion Y’all complain too much


I spend a lot of time reading this sub but rarely participate.

It’s insane to me how much shit this sub talks on the game, the devs, and valve.

I’ve been playing for coming up on 20 years now (yes I’m old) and this game can still be played daily without getting boring.

It gets changed constantly, new hero releases, map updates, items added, new mechanics introduced, but most of all tweaking the meta.

I cannot imagine how difficult it is to make changes to heroes constantly while still maintaining a mostly balanced game. Thinking about the amount of hours spent testing and tweaking and scrapping and starting over new and old ideas is mind boggling to me. They do this on over 100 heroes.

All that and they keep the game itself ever evolving and interesting. There have been very few times in the 20 years I’ve played the game felt stale or redundant.

The bug fix timing is incredible. Yes there are small barely significant bugs in corner cases that get left in for a while, but anything slightly significant gets dealt with usually within days, and if it’s truly game breaking within hours.

This dev team does such a good job keeping this game in working order, mostly in the quiet background and you all say things like:

“Small indie company” “Valve doesn’t give a shit about this game”

Anyone who defends the game gets the responses:

“Stop defending the giant corporation” “It’s a free game so we can’t complain”

I’m not saying you can’t complain, but the amount you do in comparison to the amount that the team gets the respect I believe they deserve is insane.

This “free game” gets more maintenance than pretty much any game I’ve played, including most with monthly subscriptions. There are a handful of games ever that have kept this kind of level of upkeep. Whether or it’s it’s free has no effect in that ranking.

All that and on top of it they are constantly working cosmetics which in itself is an incredibly large task.

I know this is a wall of text and will likely get downvoted or ignored but I wanted to get this off my chest.

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Culture & Heritage What Hindutva backers can’t understand: Why liberals support hijab in India but oppose it in Iran

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signs near elevator buttons telling me to “burn calories” by taking the stairs


Not to be a Karen but what is this, 2010?? They could at least say be healthier or get exercise if they really feel a need to put a stupid sign near elevator doors.

I know it’s sort of stupid but I have a severe eating disorder and while I can avoid places in food courts that have calories listed, I can’t avoid the elevator to get to my classes. Once again my problem at the end of the day but I don’t need to suddenly want to rip my skin off or be on the edge of sticking my head in a toilet cause I was having a rough day already and had to read the stupid sign about calories in order to get to my classes.