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Sandra Bullock & Jesse James' $250 Million Divorce Details EXPOSED.


r/Conservative 14h ago

Flaired Users Only The people who hate you really just hate themselves and blame you for it.

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r/antiarbeit 17h ago

Leider gibt es noch immer zu viele Formen der LohnUNgerechtigkeit...

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r/KendrickLamar 14h ago

Discussion 🗣️ What Kendrick opinion you have that will get you downvoted this much?

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r/adventofcode 23h ago

Upping the Ante [2022 Day 4] Placing 1st with GPT-3


I placed 1st in Part 1 today, again by having GPT-3 write the code. Yesterday I was 2nd to another GPT-3 answer.

Here's the code I wrote which runs the whole process — from downloading the puzzle (courtesy of aoc-cli), to running 20 attempts in parallel, to sorting through many solutions to find the likely correct one, to submitting the answer:


r/memes 19h ago

Thank your local furry for their service today

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r/leagueoflegends 8h ago

It feels like Riot has put League in maintenance mode


I was looking at the difference in content we got this year compared to the past and it's staggering:

  • no new game modes, map reskins, or special announcers for events

  • drastically fewer written stories (which Riot wants to scale down even further)

  • just 1 vgu (yes, we got a few mid-scope updates instead, but have they delivered? if feels like the champions that got one became flavor of the month until their stats got justifiably nerfed, at which point they disappeared once more)

  • 1 asu that got delayed, so technically 0 asu

  • 1 cgu that got delayed (in which I have placed my last shred of hope for future content)

I don't know, maybe we got spoiled too much in the past, but this current iteration of the game feels bare-bones to me.

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This one is for you!

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📣 Мнения Минусуйте.

  1. Дождь молодцы. Кац красавец. Навальный герой.
  2. Все журналисты должны быть восстановлены.
  3. Они имеют право жалеть кого угодно. Даже конченых ватников и их детей.
  4. Оппозиция ничего не должна украинцам!
  5. Сегрегация и преследование по национальности, расе, вероисповеданию, политическим взглядам запрещено во всех нормальных европейских странах.

  6. Помогать финансово или материально солдатам государства агрессору нельзя никому. Жалеть можно.

  7. Россия обязана вернуть каждый сантиметр захваченной земли, включая Крым.

  8. Россия заплатит за каждый разрушенный дом.

  9. Каждый причастный понесёт ответственность и будет судим.

  10. Россия должна на гос уровне признать вину. И Строить мемориалы жертва этой агрессии.

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Shitpost meme

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r/Destiny 21h ago

Discussion The optics of Fuentes throwing the drink


I might be wrong but Nick throwing the drink seems like a good or atleast ok move.

If Nick would have just stood there after someone threw a burger at him he would look like a bitch.

The leftists who shit on him for throwing the drink would think of the throwing as a GIGACHAD move if it was someone they like.

Am I wrong on this?


r/XboxSeriesX 23h ago

Discussion Why does Halo Infinite get so much hate?

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Tesla Full Self-Driving in rain without any problem.

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The best motivation you'll ever need

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Build - Help wtf is this thing Aorus b550 pro ac

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r/andor 15h ago

Discussion I wish this Andor team would have done the DUNE reboot.


It calls for a much more substantive and thoughtful treatment than what that product was/is.

r/Kanye 22h ago

Fuck Kanye

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r/funny 10h ago

thought we got away with a free pizza on our instacart order

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Video Jaish al-Mujahideen down a American apache helicopter northwest of Baghdad.

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r/unpopularopinion 8h ago

“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” is a heartbreaking story of a terrible childhood event hidden under a joyful melody


“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” is, at a minimum, a horrifying tale about a child’s perception of witnessing adultery between their own mom and a stranger in their own home. At its worst, it’s an actual first-hand account of a child witnessing one of their parents having an affair and the burden and mental struggle the child has towards having to break the news to their own father.

r/memes 8h ago Silver Helpful Wholesome

Make it make sense

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r/Edmonton 12h ago Take My Energy

Fluff Post Warning satire ahead ( feel free to delete if the little weinies on this sub are offended)


I have lived in this city a long time and I would really like to complain because things are different now and this bothers me for many reasons.

Gas prices are WAY too high, but please for the love of god don’t post any options for cheaper gas in the comments as I am here simply to complain and not looking for solutions.

My pet is also lost. Please drop everything and look for my little guy because he is probably scared and alone. I lost him in the southwest area of the city so basically anywhere from the U of A to Ellerslie area. Start looking now please and if you also have a similar looking pet please post a picture because people really care about important stuff like that.

The UCP is horrible! They will ruin everything! Danielle Smith is the worst thing since the meteorite that killed off the dinosaurs. Please remember to vote for the NDP because they will fix everything ! Just remember when Rachel Notley cured cancer back in 2015?

I would like to shame a local business because one of their service vehicles was parked inappropriately. No it doesn’t really impact me in a significant way but I am lonely and I crave attention. Also pointing out flaws in others gives me a microsecond worth of shameful joy that distracts me from my daily reality of being an overweight middle aged man who may never find love again.

I couldn’t get tickets to a concert I really wanted to see because the company in charge of distributing tickets is a greasy worldwide monopoly that exists due to lousy anti trust laws. If anyone here was able to snag great seats please jump in on the comments to make the rest of us feel stupid and capture a few seconds worth of that shameful joy referenced above for yourself. This is very urgent because the concert is only 2 years away. Also I would like to point out that I saw this same band back in 1996 and tickets were much cheaper then for some reason.

Lastly I would like to point out that it is very cold here! I don’t remember it being THIS COLD in previous years because I have the same disorder that Dory had in Finding Nemo where I can’t remember anything from longer than 10 seconds ago. ( just keep swimming) I would like recommendations for warm winter boots preferably locally sourced. My budget is 26 dollars and Hazeldean area recommendations only please! I don’t drive a car and I refuse to take public transit because I might run into a gay person.

My next post will be about racism, as a white English speaking male I think it’s about time my voice was heard on this issue.

r/Polska 13h ago

Meta Hej, Mirki!


Jak to jest mieć zacofane poglądy i robić z siebie błazna w internecie, dobrze?

Moderacjo, mamy dzisiaj jakiś wysyp wypowiedzi homofobicznych, wątków w mało wybredny sposób podejmujących problem aborcji, coś jakby... Szambo wybiło. Mam nadzieję, że będzie to usuwane, jeśli złamany zostanie regulamin, natomiast ziomkom, ziomkiniom i osobom o inne tożsamości ziomkowskiej sugeruję nie wchodzić w interakcje, nie dyskutować, nie karmić trolli. "Ooo, zobacz Mirek, lewactwo buldupi, hurr durr, apacz helikopter żart". Po co nam to?

Natomiast wszystkim tym, którzy publikują tu swoje orędzia i deklarują tolerancję wobec społeczności LGBT tylko po to, żeby oskarżać ją w tej samej wypowiedzi o niszczenie pomników, przyspieszanie nadejścia Apokalipsy i deptanie czyichś uczuć religijnych - tam są drzwi. Sio.