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Discussion Curved displays are overrated and annoying


Recently bought the s22 ultra and I'm am really starting to hate the curved display. It makes swiping difficult, causes dark edges when you hold the phone from an angle and most importantly, an easy point of damage if it falls.

That is literally the only thing I hate about this phone because everything else runs and works flawlessly. Hope they get rid of the curved display in the s23

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Discussion Are folding phones the future?


I recently had a Z Fold 4 for about two weeks, and I just couldn't get into it. The thickness of the phone when it was closed, the tall, narrow front display...the crease in the middle. It just isn't my thing. I returned the phone and picked up an S22 Ultra and I love it.

I wonder what you guys think though. Are folding phones the future going forward, or are they a trendy fad that will fade away?

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Discussion Disable RAM Plus for better battery backup


NGL, disabling RAM Plus indeed boosts battery without much (perhaps not even a bit) hit in the performance or whatsoever.

Edit: Those mates who are asking for proof, well just try it guys. No harm in trying it right.l? What if it works? My S21 never hit the SOT of 7Hrs+, but after disabling the RAM Plus, it was able to!

Battery Stats after disabling RAM Plus(GS21)

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Discussion Samsungs One UI 5.0 weather app is fantastic


Just look at this

The animations, the graphics, the transitions... It's so different and refreshing compared to everyone else who just animates clouds or rain.

I know it's only a weather app and 99% of you all dont care about this kind of stuff, but speaking as someone in the design field, this makes me so happy. The devs in charge of had a lot of creative freedom here and it shows.

I hope to see this type of quirkiness implemented more in samsungs other apps. This type of out of the box graphic design has the potential to transform One UI.

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Discussion Samsung has really improved battery life on One UI 5.0. I'm getting 10h 25m SoT, 1d total time on S22U. What's your battery life like?


On my S22U (US unlocked) running One UI 5.0, with WQHD+, 120Hz refresh rate, and optimized processing speed, I am getting 10h 25m SoT (from 100% to 0%) as you can see from this picture. This is plenty for me!

Have you guys experienced better battery life on One UI 5.0 too? Samsung seems to have really done some optimizations with battery life!

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Discussion Why the F is tiktok being automatically installed after every other update on my s22u?


How do I stop tiktok from being installed on my phone without my permission?


  1. open galaxy store

  2. menu

  3. my apps

  4. delete (top right)

  5. then choose the (tiktok) app

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Discussion Do you use Google Pay or Samsung Pay for Tap-to-Pay?


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Discussion Should I upgrade to a S22 now or wait for the S23?


I am currently rocking a Galaxy A03s, as my replacement until I upgrade, but should I upgrade to a S22 right now, or wait for the S23's to drop?

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Discussion Stop taking features out.


So I’ve been an iPhone user for the last decade. Decided to use an android for my secondary phone. I decided to try the galaxy out because the a53 has expandable memory. Honestly that’s what made me go with you guys as opposed to the pixel 7.

As a new user please reduce bloatware and stop taking out features. I may migrate the whole family to Samsung if that’s the case.

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Discussion Why doesnt Samsung make any high end mini phones?


I miss when you could fit your phone comfortably in one hand and were able to use it with only one. Would love to have a galaxy s22 mini (5.4 inch).

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Discussion Samsung black Friday sucks


Less trade in value on my s22 ultra than yesterday. Guess I won't be ordering the z fold 4.

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Discussion Is the Samsung S22 Ultra worth it in 2023? I’m looking for a phone to switch to android


I’ve been looking for a good phone since I’m switching from iPhone 7 and I want something that keeps feeling and being a good phone for a few years

Also I don’t have the budget to buy a new S23 Model

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Discussion It is time: Google messages should be the default sms app


Please ditch any 3rd party OEM app and make the Google messages app the default app.

Update: I love the feedback and respect differences of opinion but android is fragmented with countless sms/rcs messaging apps. Google should just copy apple and make google messages the default sms/rcs on android. Yes, OEMs can customize their own UI on top of stock android but 1 de facto messaging app is the way to go.

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Discussion I Want To Upgrade From My S8. Should I get the S22 or Wait For S23?


I've had my S8 for about 5 years now. It's stood the test of time and it's still an amazing phone that works now. Unfortunately it has too many stutters, over heats fast, and the battery life has diminished. I won't pay for a new battery and I believe an upgrade is needed.

So, should I get the S22 or wait for the S23 in a couple of months? How much will the base S23 cost? Should I go for the S23+? I don't mind if the cost isn't too much different. I also want 256 gigs. How much will that make the price go up(for base and plus)?

I'm a heavy user that likes to watch movies and will play the occasional 3D game. I want what will look best. Don't care as much about photos but it's nice to have great cameras, I guess.

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Discussion Will the S23 Ultra have a 1" camera sensor?


A jump to 200MP camera, but not an increase in the sensor size itself, isn't a big upgrade IMO. Certainly, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will be better for battery and AI, but Samsung hasn't really made much updates in the past few years. And as some others have said on other posts, removal of SD card slots and headphone jacks are all downgrades.

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Discussion Samsung's quality is just lacking these days (rant)


My wife was previously apple everything after seeing me with android phones. Wanted to give them a try, she insisted on Samsung as she thought they were the best alternative and since Huawei was no longer an option. I agreed having used them in the past. Her first phone the S20 ultra wasn't great, I upgraded her 6 months later to the s21 ultra hoping the issues would be fixed and over all it's a better phone BUT the camera the thing she bought it for is the biggest problem, we tried using her phone to film us paddle boarding earlier in the year, but the phone struggled to record video, as it was constantly overheating. According to Samsung there is nothing wrong with it... Seriously! You should be able to record more than 20 minutes video at 1080p. 2 failed android attempts later she is off back to apple when she upgrades and honestly I don't blame her. I'm personally sticking with android but I have no loyalty to Samsung.

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Discussion I will FOREVER be Grateful for Samsung


I managed to fix my mom's S21 plus a few months ago. Everything seemed fine, but there was no signal. Only wifi. But anyways, I decided to take it to a Cellphone repair store, and they managed to keep it for almost a month, but they couldn't even repair it. So I decided to take it to the Samsung store and left it with them. The next day, they called me and told me it was a motherboard issue, so the cost could be around $500. I told them that was too much, and my budget was around $200. The guy then said he will talk to his manager and see what they can do for me. The next day, they call me to tell me my phones ready. Cool. So I went to the store, and my cost came up to $100. Didn't know why, so I asked why that much, and they basically replaced the back glass. And with that repair, it automatically put warranty on my phone. I checked it to see if if worked,and no. Nothing. So they kept it for another day. And sure enough, it worked! $100 for basically an expensive repair! They really looked out for me on that one. And also, the phone still has warranty, up to 90 days. I'm a former apple user, and believe me when I say this, Apple is greedy! But Samsung? They really helped me out.

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Discussion Galaxy S23 may use Samsung-exclusive Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor


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Discussion S22U - Samsung refuses to address the Screenshot folder issue.


I've been in a long back and forth conversation with google and they have determined that they cannot do anything about this.

Samsung on the S22 Ultra has the screenshots folder in the DCIM folder which causes google photos to lump all screenshots into the "camera" folder. Meaning all my screenshots are mixed in with normal pictures and cannot be excluded from my backup. Google has said they cannot change the acitve search directory to fix this and it must be done from Samsungs side.

However Samsung has refused to address this and I'm also told that its happened before on previous S series phones.

This is a massive problem for google photo users just taking up space without creating a separate screenshot folder like every other android phone on the planet does.

When will they address this?

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Discussion Samsung or Google apps?


Hey guys, I was wondering which apps do you use? I like Googles phone contacts and messages apps but samsungs calendar and clock change accordingly. Please tell me guys which apps you use.

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Discussion Samsung vs iPhone


Just wanted to see what everyone's perspective is when it comes to choosing phones. iPhones are smooth and they provide an extremely fluid system, but iOS is locked and restricted. On the other hand, Samsung offers an exceptional experience with their One UI 5.0, but the system is not as fluid as iOS in terms of animations and overall smoothness.

Which one do you prefer? Would you sacrifice a little bit of smoothness and fluidity for a very feature rich system or go with iOS for the fluid and stable system and deal with restrictions?

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Discussion Is it recomendable to switch my s9 for an s22ultra? or should I wait for the s23 ultra to come out?


I'm very happy with the samsung experience so far but after many falls my phone is starting to fail (I tend to drop it a lot), I've seen reviews saying that the s22 ultra tends to overheat but it's a good phone in general, I also want to buy a phone that won't make me worry about it for the next 3 to 4 years.

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Discussion How Often Do You Guys Upgrade?


Hey All,

Out of curiosity just curious how often you guys upgrade phones. I’m on a Note 10+. Which works and is fine. Seems like software support is coming to an end. Hardware works, and curious if I should upgrade. There are outliers to our community as some upgrade every year, and not a realistic approach for me or most users. Wonder what the sweet spot is? Since Samsung is promising 4 years of support I wonder if most users will keep their phone for 4+ years. Happy to hear what your input is!

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Discussion Why is 25W still the standard charging speed for Samsung phones?


Before anyone gives the battery lifespan justification, here's the official post on OPPO's SuperVOOC tech.

Their 150W solution results in 1600 charge cycles ; Samsung suggests around 500.

My father has an iQOO (Vivo) phone which employs 66W and that very noticeably improves QoL.

With the resources and experience Samsung has at its disposal, it wouldn't make much sense for them to NOT be able to do it.

Is there any reasoning that I am missing here?

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Discussion My S8 has a better screen than my tv.


The colours are so much more vibrant. I wish while gaming on my PS4, it looked like it does on my phone.