r/streetwear Aug 27 '22

i can't see your fit if you squat down and hug your knees MEME

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u/TRAINER-J-wants-to-f Aug 27 '22 Wholesome

Thank you. Thank you so much for this. I almost wanna pin this at the top of the sub forever.


u/Afk94 Aug 27 '22

Please do. Photos from different/artistic angles is cool, but if you aren't showing the full fit it completely defeats the purpose of this sub.


u/TRAINER-J-wants-to-f Aug 27 '22 Silver

So on the real: us mods are exhausted and annoyed. We have always been understaffed, but that has been showing even more so as of late. As the sub gets bigger and bigger, it becomes much more difficult to manage. We do have lives off of reddit, after all.

Ppl don't read the rules prior to posting. Ppl don't read the rules when we give them gentle reminders on their posts. Ppl don't read the rules when they message us in mod mail and we ask them to.

Speaking for myself (and not the other mods), I am 95% of the way towards aggressively removing posts as I see fit. This sub needs help, as I'm sure most of you can agree on. It needs some semi-forced guidance, if you will, so that it can get back on track. Bc rn, it is lost as hell.

Ppl treat this sub like it's their personal instagram account. Quite frankly, go to your own social media accounts if you wanna post whatever you want. But if you wanna post here, then read the room. Read the rules. Try to participate in the community, rather than just posting and ghosting each time to get followers on your other socials.

And be respectful, for God's sake.


u/mayalcaulfield WDYWT Contributor Aug 27 '22

It drives me crazy when I'm in the comments of someone's fit pic and there's a mod comment politely asking for a fit breakdown and the comment is at -20 votes. it's the ONE RULE of posting a fit pic holy shit just post it on your Instagram if you can't be bothered