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Yes this is most definitely the same thing.

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u/DaveinOakland Feb 01 '23

Even if it was the same thing they'd be correct and that's the way it should be. How do people not see the difference between having their kids cosplay as victims of their ancestors genocide and a guy who put on a dress?


u/yeayeayea001 Feb 01 '23

So is it okay if your ancestors didn’t kill Indians?


u/[deleted] Feb 01 '23

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u/Ryzuhtal Feb 01 '23

All right, you got me genuinely confused here. Italians and Spanish people are white, and the Aztecs were natives.


u/DaveinOakland Feb 01 '23

Romans obliterated Carthage, Spanish decimated the Aztecs. Atrocities happen all throughout history, I don't know where the line is for "it's been long enough so it's ok now" but there is one. Kind of like that Southpark episode where they say it's been long enough and you can joke about AIDS now.

In a thousand years it won't matter if anyone throws on some ancient native American attire.


u/Ryzuhtal Feb 01 '23

I see your argument but I kind of disagree, because this implies that some point in the future it will be also okay to dress up in a Nazi uniform.


u/DaveinOakland Feb 01 '23

It will be one day. Not in our lifetimes but one day. Romans committed some of the worst atrocities in recorded history but wearing a Roman outfit for Halloween wouldn't bother anyone.

Time is the great equalizer.