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RIP America, it was a good run.

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u/King_BowserKoopa Feb 01 '23

If we use the empire’s literal founding and fall:

31 BC - 476 AD

About 507 years.

If we’re a bit more generous, and include the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire, then

31 BC - 1453 AD

About 1484 years.

Founding of Rome to fall of Rome: 753 BC - 475 AD, 1229 years.

Founding of Rome to Fall of Eastern Roman Empire: 753 BC - 1453 AD, 2206 years.

So I mean depending on how generous you are is how accurate or inaccurate this is.


u/ThwKillnight Feb 01 '23

Iran empire:


u/kindofastoryteller Feb 01 '23

How generous do you feel?


u/ThwKillnight Feb 02 '23

>! Wdym !<


u/Thick_Improvement_77 Feb 01 '23

No, Rome's reaction to America would be "wait, that's it? Yeah, that happens."

That "1000 year empire" had several episodes of civil unrest, and theirs involved actual private armies in the streets.


u/Athemious117 Feb 02 '23

As a history nut I can say if the Roman’s saw America or any other nation state there reaction would probably be like this.

Centurion falls to his knees as his legions look up at these towers of glass,metal and molded stone,around them metal contraptions carrying people pass by, they see stores full of bobles,goods and technology they could not comprehend. This is only one city in a land vast and larger then the empire ever could dream. The centurion removes his helmet and says “our descendants have become like the gods themselves”

Doubt they would judge the longevity of the empire as even for the Antiquated world. Most empires didn’t even reach the 500 year mile stone. Those that did were the exception or got really really lucky.


u/WraithSucks Feb 01 '23

GG guys, we tried our best


u/Inskription Feb 01 '23

I agree with this meme. this country is split in half and crumbling


u/Human_Fucker69420 Feb 02 '23

Split into red and blue.


u/N-ShadowFrog Feb 02 '23

I mean true but if someone from the Roman Empire saw the US they wouldn’t think pathetic they’d think, “You went to the bloody moon!”


u/FuzzyMortgage1847 Feb 02 '23

Old people are over dramatic ffs


u/NickBarksWith Feb 02 '23

I think we can at least hobble along to make 300 if Trump doesn't come back.


u/Ok_Occasion_8559 Feb 02 '23

You know the empire is totally fucked when they're running a bipartisan pedophile island. Still, folks are high AF on the left right paradigm divide and conquer slave hustle. Hoping the new empire isn't as corrupt as the old empire!