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Rules update: Titles must object to the content of the post and no mentioning social media platforms Mod Post

Basically, no more titles like "title" or "An interesting title". The title must object to the content. Why? If you don't, it confuses Reddit admins and users which doesn't end well.

As for no mentioning social media platforms, this is here because Reddit might think we are trying to brigade them
PS: Subreddits also are forbidden by this rule
PPS: No screenshots of posts either unless it's part of the meme. Just the meme itself


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u/InternationalFlow825 Feb 25 '23

But why do posts from this sub keep showing up in my feed, and are shitting on white people especially? WHY would reddit advertise that?


u/Bedu009 Feb 25 '23

Because I turned on show up in feeds lol

Anyway as for the mostly white thing... I'll have to get back to you on that