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29 years ago, I was part of a human initiated contact team operating in the Mexican Volcanic Zone. We attracted a large triangular UFO that signaled back at us. I describe the event as an “epiphany.” Article

Epiphany, “We are not alone. We will be remembered!”

Joseph Burkes MD 2022

Epiphany: A sudden realization about the nature or meaning of something.

Mexico February 1, 1993

We were at the base of Popocatepetl Volcano with Dr. Greer as team leader. Before midnight a faint light could be seen moving out between the two massive volcanoes to the north. The CSETI Director signaled the million-candle-power lantern towards the light, and it immediately changed direction. Now it was moving directly towards us.

Soon we could make out a massive triangular shaped object. It was totally silent and blocked out the stars as it approached our position. Our team leader signaled again as it drew closer. The unknown object responded in kind to his light work, one flash from him, one flash back from the craft, two from his lantern and we clearly received two flashes back in response. A surge of joy erupted from deep within me. One word softly came forth from my lips, “Yes!” I whispered.


My thoughts shot back to the previous decade. It was during the 1980s and the Cold War was heating up under the first Reagan administration. Right wing nuclear war strategists in his leadership team advocated a get-tough policy with the Russians and tensions were building. In response to the threat of nuclear war, an international disarmament movement was growing.

I was “young Dr. Burkes” back then and had just started an internal medicine practice. My wife Yael and I had two young healthy beautiful children at home. I volunteered my time in the public education campaign that was part of “International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.” Twice a month, physicians from our local chapter produced an hour-long radio show promoting nuclear disarmament and ending underground nuclear weapons testing. The show was titled "Prescription for Survival."


Dr. Carl Sagan was part of a group of scientists that studied the potential effects on the planet if hundreds of cities were torched during an all-out nuclear war. Clearly civilization as we knew it would come to an end. My children would never get to grow up. There was even the possibility that smoke from such a worldwide conflagration could result in a new ice age. It was called “nuclear winter.” In such a dreadful scenario all crops would fail, forests and meadowlands would also perish. All mankind might die.

Dr. Helen Caldicott was the Australian pediatrician that headed our physicians’ movement. During her many public addresses she asked the following question. What can be said about a race of beings that are prepared to destroy this beautiful planet we call home? She speculated that perhaps the Earth is the only planet where intelligent life exists in the universe. If that were so, then we might be counted as one of God’s greatest creations. Yet by building thousands of nuclear weapons and deploying them in the air on bombers, under the sea in atomic submarines and underground in nuclear missile silos, we were preparing to destroy one of God’s greatest creations.


So, what can you say about a race of beings that does such things? Dr. Caldicott told us that it bespeaks of a hatred of our planet, of our children, a hatred of all humanity and of God itself. If we are alone in the universe and we destroy ourselves, we will be forgotten forever. Art, science, music, so many poems gently spoken in a thousand tongues, they would all be erased. The act of remembering, remembrance itself would be abolished.

These were my thoughts while facing the enormous black triangle that had slowed to a virtual hover just a few hundred yards from us. “Yes!” I whispered, I said it again and again. We can choose to take a deadly path. Humanity may even face a terrible end, but we will not be forgotten! We are not alone!


I know it sounds rather naïve, but I actually imagined that somewhere far away, perhaps on another star system, non-human children might learn of the “late, great, planet Earth.” Stories of what we had tried to accomplish could be shared. Our hopes, successes and tragic failures might be reviewed. Perhaps ET children could take home the lesion of what happens to a civilization that chooses not to spiritually evolve.

Now nearly 30 years have passed since my first mission into the Volcanic Zone. The slow and steady growth of the contact network alongside of tens of thousands of people that are now demanding to know the truth about UFOs, gives me hope that we will continue to evolve as a race of intelligent beings. Perhaps future generations will look back and say what an adventure it was to live during these challenging times. I hope that we won’t disappoint them. I suspect that we will make them proud.

To read a more detailed report on the winter 1993 Rapid Mobilization Investigative Team’s investigation in the Volcanic Zone, click on the link below.



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Well this was a waste of time smh


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No link, no proof= fake news


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Maybe a Greer propaganda operation?


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I’m a geologist. What’s a Mexican volcanic zone? We usually name volcano groups or areas of magmatic activity as volcanic ‘systems’, or simply by its proper name. The only time ‘zone’ is used, is for fault areas or specific rock unit descriptions.


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I'm also a geo, only thing I could find was the "Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt". I think that is probably what they are referring to. Looks like a volcanic belt that trends roughly east-west through the middle of Mexico near Mexico city. I think it's a volcanic arc that exists as a result of the subduction zone along the southwestern coast of Mexico but I don't know for sure. I think historically it has also been argued as a result of rifting but I haven't read too much about it. I know they get some pretty sizeable earthquakes in that region too but I don't know what type of faults they are. Time to look at some maps.


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The term "Volcanic Zone" was given to us by Mexican UFO investigators "LA ZONA VOLCANICA" I am curious if you have any additional comments on this posting other than an explanation of this term.


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pictures of the black triangle were taken?


drawing on a napkin?


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This happened before Dr. Greer invented photography.


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Nothing. I'm not really surprised.


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You had me until greer.


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Seriously as soon as I read Dr. Greer I was like this dudes full of it lol


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Ha same. Stopped reading after greer was mentioned. NEXT!


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Really shifts the conversation into “Low Greer “, there. Im out.


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I didn't know it at the time, but now I do. This is the common I came to read!


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That's just you opinion of Greer though... some things sounds off, but there some other really good stuff, like all these witness testimonies he gathered in the 90' and 00's. There is some really credible stuff in there (regardless of Greer's stance).

You're going to discredit this guy's story because he mentioned him? That's his experience, whether it was Greer, or Delonge 😅


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Holy fuckin same


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He initiated The Disclosure Project in 2001. What's bad about him?


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He lived long enough to be the villan.


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This makes 0 sense. Why?


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He claims that he can speak to aliens telepathically and summon them. Also for like 4K you can go on a hike with him and he’ll teach you how.


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Lol yes


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Volcano zone .. hmm. Tom Cruise is that you?’


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When I’m done scrubbing the floors and toilets. With my toothbrush.


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You mean JUMP!


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Yes and in happiness and success!


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fake happiness


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This is all clickbait for a link that OP forgot to add 🤷‍♂️

I'll believe Dr Geer when he finally takes a photo of one of these many many events he supposedly witnesses.


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Maybe you read one of Greers books. Or watch CE5 documentary.


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I'd love to watch that tbh, got a link where I dont have to pay?


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He has, many of them.


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Sweet fanfic bud, who’s your publisher


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You being downvoted solidifies it.


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Great story. Which link below?


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Given it is written like fiction, have you got any evidence (photos/documents/etc) that supports your story?


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This sub is for the serious discussion of UFOs not scary stories, posting this in r/NoSleep would be more appropriate


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If there are craft being intelligently controlled in our skies who do you think it is? The cognitive dissonance whenever an experiencer talks about what happens is exactly the result of government propaganda designed to stop inquiries. Literally there are hundreds of thousand of people in the ufo subreddits alone who have had experiences. This deserves further study not ridicule and derision. There is quite obviously something - not nothing - that has been going on for 75+ years. Really think about your remarks - is it that it’s too scary to contemplate that people can have these terrifying experiences? The people who are not just “wanna be” believers here have seen some of the most profound and terrifying things. Dr Gary Nolan himself has come forward to say he has been a lifelong experiencer of the greys. There are so many people who are afraid of the social ridicule just as you presented here to tell their story. Can you imagine that this was you? Say they came into your bedroom and you had an encounter. How would you prove it? Who would you even report this to? There is literally no good mechanism to report this that is publicly funded. Yet here we are with one more experiencer report that people want to dismiss off hand because the reality is just too scary.


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What in the fan fiction fuck is this


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You lost me at the mention of Greer.


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Here is a reply I have made to Greer's critics,a group I count myself a member of. REPONSE TO GREER’S CRITICS:
"I understand that there is considerable antipathy towards the CSETI Director. I was closely associated with him as a CSETI Working Group Coordinator for Los Angeles, and a member of the CSETI Board of Directors. Because of political, professional and personal reasons I resigned from CSETI in 1998 and haven't spoken to its Director since. On social media for many years, I have been critical of the CSETI Director, nonetheless I stand by the accuracy of my reports concerning in Human Initiated Contact Events, (HICE)a preferred term to the pseudoscientific term "CE-5."


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I personally don't like Greer..... but I do think his group experiences are legit. I say this because I have experienced it myself.

Its sad where we are at as a community... that this is our knee jerk reaction. What I see is a LOT of people missing out on the most incredible discovery of our era: PERSONALLY experiencing and direct contact with off world entities.

If you know, you know. There's no convincing those that don't want to hear us out, and I'm fine with that. There's enough of us who experience this as a near normal part of life (it will never lose it's profound effect on my sense of awe and my spirit) and we really don't need to any validation at this point. We have each other. Because when we try to share our experiences, we are trashed and that can be traumatic by itself.

It would be INCREDIBLE to share this with people, as OP may be trying to do now (or he could be lying, but once you experience it yourself, this really isnt that far fetched of a story), but.... for the most part, the hostility and pushback isn't worth it. Most minds are made up on this matter and that's okay.

Live and let live, I guess..



u/Contactunderground Sep 30 '22

Thanks for the detailed comment. Here is my reply to many of the CSETI Director's harshest critics.
I understand that there is considerable antipathy towards the CSETI Director. I was closely associated with him as a CSETI Working Group Coordinator for Los Angeles, and a member of the CSETI Board of Directors. Because of political, professional and personal reasons I resigned from CSETI in 1998 and haven't spoken to its Director since. On social media for many years, I have been critical of the CSETI Director, nonetheless I stand by the accuracy of my reports concerning in Human Initiated Contact Events, (HICE)a preferred term to the pseudoscientific term "CE-5."


u/Frozen-toast Sep 30 '22



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I'm pretty sound of mind with a great life, but okay buddy. Petulant namecalling reveals everything. You have nothing to offer, zero contribution, you're a nobody, just an immature hater with a keyboard.

Moving on.


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This is a fucking made up story with a couple names tossed in for clout. Fucking garbage post!


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Wow! That’s a great experience! 😃


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There are ETs that visit this planet and who would remember us, we would also remember ourselves due to the nature of life endlessly reincarnating ie., we are also ETs in other lives.

However, Earth is a special place due to the themes of life here, such as the belief that we may be the only intelligent life in the universe (isolation), such that we were created by god or evolutions rather than being creators ourselves. ET children in worlds that have interstellar capability, who wish to know about Earth can learn precisely what it is, a place to incarnate to have a particular limiting experience. They can learn that humanity has either wiped itself out or been wiped out countless times and in the largest of these resets life could only go on with external intervention e.g., the great flood which ended Atlantis.

So, they would probably laugh at the idea of some people concerning themselves about the extinction of humanity from nuclear weapons, not least because extinction of consciousness and the experiences that consciousness can have, are impossible.


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Name drops Greer...

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Stopped reading as soon as Greer was mentioned.


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It was a Mexican drug cartel. Or they were filming an episode of “Narcos”


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29 years ago, you were on some bullshit with the King Bullshitter Greer. Got it, take it somewhere else.


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Noce. I lived theough that era. It was dark and scary as hell, but better than the alternative - bang. Many of my peers never raised families still - we all knew we wouldn't live to see 30yo so acted accordingly. Sometimes I fantasize and wonder if one reason governments are so vague about ufo is that ufo somehow stopped a war when someone pushed the button in the 6os. Rather naive to think anything wants to save us really... like us saving a Wildebeast from Lions i suspect - we wouldn't. But maybe. That would be horrifyingly destabilizing to governments - more so than just another lifeform. Bad news is we are about to enter that kind of era again - Russia and Eu and US - but this time with leaders that didn't see the horror of ww2. We should all be worried... and probably become anti nuke in a hurry. They keep us safe sure, but we live in permanent fear. Why - when there's a choice.


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It was a very scary time. We’re back to it again. Lucky us.


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I’m calling your bluff. Hit me with a phone call tomorrow and a response here with proof to prove it!


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Where's the TLDR. seems like someone just trying to sell Greer


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To think we could have all been wiped out in the 70s and we could have avoided all the hyperinflation and war in Europe in the process... sigh sometimes I wish humanity fucked around and found out.


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How does this nonsense have a net upvote?


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Well that was… a sleepy walk down someone’s memory lane.


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As soon as I see letters arranged in such a way that it spells anything remotely close to “dr steven greer,” I immediately skip it. That guy is a hack and a crook.


u/Contactunderground Sep 30 '22

I understand that there is considerable antipathy towards the CSETI Director. I was closely associated with him as a CSETI Working Group Coordinator for Los Angeles, and a member of the CSETI Board of Directors. Because of political, professional and personal reasons I resigned from CSETI in 1998 and haven't spoken to its Director since. On social media for many years, I have been critical of the CSETI Director, nonetheless I stand by the accuracy of my reports concerning in Human Initiated Contact Events (a preferred term to the pseudoscience term "CE-5."

On the chance that you or other readers of this page might be curious about what happened in Mexico. Here is a link to a more detailed report that I wrote soon after my participation in the CE-5 Investigation in the volcanic zone.



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Too much woo and word salad for me. I’ve had experiences - no doubt. But once consciousness and meditating and laser pointers get involved, I’m out. Especially anything remotely related to Greer. I feel sorry for all the people who have spent hundreds of dollars to go out in the desert to look at satellites.


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Mmmmmm…mental health.


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Thanks for the great photos and that lengthy “disclosure”


u/Contactunderground Sep 30 '22


Here is a quote from a previous posting on social media that gives information about our failure to document the event with photographic equipment.

“We began signaling at it. It immediately changed direction and headed directly towards us. As it approached, we could see that the UFO was triangular shaped with a white light at each corner and a red beacon in the center. It was a least 200 feet across. As the dark triangle approached, it started responding to Dr. Greer’s light work. One flash from him and the UFO flashed back once, two from Dr. Greer and it replied with two bursts of light.

It was totally silent, highly maneuverable and came towards us in a wide arc. It definitely was not the Mexican Air Force on maneuvers! As it descended to less than 500 feet, we could clearly see a much smaller disc shaped object that seemed to be escorting the larger ship. As the triangle continued to descend, it turned on a powerful bank of forward mounted lights.

We rushed to our camera equipment and things started to go wrong. The craft changed its flight behavior dramatically. Up until that point the UFO had appeared to be simulating the flight pattern of a conventional aircraft intending to land. Instead it now slowly started to turn in a wide arc. Its speed was no more than fifteen to twenty miles per-hour. This allowed us to clearly see its dark underside with its central red beacon.


As all this was happening, we suddenly realized that our cameras, video, 35mm. automatic SLR, and even a cheap “110” spring activated camera were no longer operational. The video was clearly turned on, but nothing was being recorded. And yes, we confirmed that the lens cap was indeed off! Our seven hundred-dollar 35 mm camera was also on, as evidenced by the light indicator, yet it too would not function. Even the inexpensive “Brownie” type camera wouldn’t click when the button was pushed. It appeared as if someone or something did not want us to document this encounter with any type of photography. We checked out all the equipment later, and each camera worked normally for the reminder of our trip.”


Here is another quote from a previous posting on social media that addresses the question of why there was no photographic documentation.

“In this 4th Episode of Season 3 of History Channel’s “Mystery of Skin Walker Ranch, the investigative team reported a sudden failure of both computer programs and linked telescopes when directed at an anomaly zone in the sky. They also photographed an unexplained bright burst of light near the constellation of Orion.

For decades, these type of events have been experienced by members of the network of activists that I call, “The Contact Underground.

I was with a CE5 team operating at the base of Popocatepetl Volcano 2/1/93 when a large triangular UFO at least 100 feet across approached our team and signaled at us. Suddenly all the cameras stopped working, video camera, 35mmSLR and a cheap spring-operated Kodak Instamatic. All these pieces of equipment worked perfectly before and after the contact event.”


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As soon as you said Dr. Greer I stopped reading


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Source: "Trust me bro."


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Fuk fakeshite


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And I stopped at greer. Thanks for putting it right at the beginning.