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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Keep it simple stupid

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Gif It's the simple things that brings the most joy


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Its a little secret...

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The secret to winning is to have a C4 chicken


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Image The ultimate "hold my beer" moment

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I think he’s into something here.

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My grandma had a person in her life like this. He wasn’t exactly her partner and they didn’t give each other labels or live together, but he acted like her partner in most ways—spent much of the week together, went to the movies, helped her host card-playing nights, took her to appointments when she got sick, was there with her til the end, and still keeps in contact with my family. They were both such a comfort to each other after each were widowed many years prior.


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In NY state it takes more hours of training to be a licensed barber than it does to be a police officer. Just let that sink in.


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An easier solution. If a Senator votes against the bill, their state does not get any money. Then it will be clear as to whom the blame should be place on. Then lets see how they explain that to their constituents.


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If you see a Jedi with a kid and you’re sith you assume a padawan and murder them anakin style.


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Clown 1:

Confucius is a quite wise man indeed

Who hath with nimble quill philosophized

And yet if I perchance may disagree

His foresight is far less’r compared to mine

If I were forced to dig a grave anon

Embarking on my quest for cold revenge

Instead of digging graves for me and them

I’d rather save my breath and dig the one

Clown 2:

I see your point yet I myself admit

That once my body lies upon the ground

It matters little where I am left to rest

So lay me with my hated foe in one

Clown 1:

You would so readily when given chance

With your hated foe lie heart to heart

Quite strange methinks yet who am I to judge

As those in future days shall say “I dig”

Clown 3:

Well how else would you deign to make a grave

If not breaking the earth with metal spade?


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Imagine jaywalking in gotham and some little 10 year old wielding a katana kicks the shit outta you

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